XDM-Logo-Final.jpgThe rumors are true! TCOYD is coming out with a cutting edge, reality-based, documentary-style online series that has the potential to do something that has not been done before. Our Extreme Diabetes Makeover (XDM) program will not only show the non-diabetic world what it is like to live with diabetes on a day-to-day basis, but it will also be a comforting eye-opener for the millions of people living with diabetes, helping to validate the multiple emotional and physical barriers that come with their condition.

With the help of an expert film crew and personal HD Flip Cams, XDM will follow seven PWD (5 type 2’s and 2 type 1’s) from various walks of life for 5 months as they are given the tools to help take control of their diabetes.

xdm_june_2010.gifWe are documenting the successes as well as the challenges of the participants as they work with our “Dream Team” of diabetes healthcare professionals to assist them in their journey. The Dream Team members include: Dr. Steve Edelman, Diabetologist; Bill Polonsky, Clinical Psychologist; Janice Baker, Dietitian; Angela Norton, Certified Diabetes Educator; and Larry Verity, Exercise Physiologist. As an added bonus, our fantastic fitness trainer and host of “The Biggest Loser,” Kim Lyons  will make an appearance in the show, while spending an afternoon with the group sharing her fitness expertise and showing the participants what they are capable of!

Premiering this summer on and, a top-of-the-line consumer health website, Extreme Diabetes Makeover is filled with the true stories of real people all struggling with diabetes who all have two things in common: poor control of their diabetes and the desire to improve their condition.

The diverse cast of Extreme Diabetes Makeover, includes Celeste, a 68 year old astrology consultant living with type 2 diabetes; Daron, a 38 year old individual who is living in a homeless shelter and lives with type 2 diabetes; Chet a 53 year old San Diego State University Aztec cheerleading legend and city worker with type 2 diabetes; David, a 22 year old UCSD student who has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of four; Tim, a 62 year old lawyer living with type 2 diabetes; Renee, a 55 year old professional woman with type 2 diabetes and Liz, a 30 year old events professional and exercise instructor with type 1 diabetes. Watch them as they work to lower their A1c’s, change their life-long habits and battle their emotions in order to take control of their diabetes.

XDM is the most exciting project we have done at TCOYD since our very first conference at the San Diego Convention Center in 1995! I wanted to call it “Pimp My Diabetes,” but I got shot down! Trust me, you won’t want to miss this much-anticipated dose of diabetes reality!