My Detailed Review of the MiniMed 670G from Medtronic

The MiniMed 670G from Medtronic is an insulin pump coupled with a glucose sensor.  It uses a computer program (called an “algorithm”) to automate certain aspects of insulin delivery.  I decided to try 670G partially out of professional interest (everybody and their great aunt has been asking for my opinion on the system), and partially out of personal interest, as my blood glucose control hasn’t been the greatest the past couple of years.

Let me start out by saying this:

Since I started using 670G, my overall blood glucose control is better.

I have to keep reminding myself of this non-consequential fact, because every day I find things about this system that I don’t particularly like.

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  1. I like the idea behind the unit but don’t like what it actually does. I’m ending up taking more finger pricks and adjustments than what i use to with my animus/dexcom system. The alerts and working thru the menus is driving me crazy. I want a system that stops delivering insulin when you are 70 period. After 58 years of this that’s all i want. The lawyers screwed this on up.

  2. I went from dexcom g5 and pens to the 670g. I love the way the auto adjustments work. Problem is when the cgm is t working correctly which seems to be a lot. It’s almost always off by at least 20. End up checking my blood sugar at least 5 times a day. I have had quite a few sensors that failed. Very disappointed. My dexcom was almost always with in 5-10. Almost never needed re-calibration and was just easier to use. I think I just want to send this back and get the tslim and dexcom combo.

  3. In the first 4 months of using the 670G I called for support more times than I did in the 3 years of using Dexcom. It is not uncommon to have a difference of 100 points between the CGM and finger stick. I am now on month 10 and miserable I can’t wait to get rid of this piece of shit. “Customer service” treats you like an idiot when you call, keep you on the phone for at least 20 minutes before they agree you have a bad sensor. I am going to talk to my Dr. and see if I can get the Tandem pump and Dexcom. I totally hate the 670G

  4. I habe had three meditronic pumps and the sensor system is really bad. I was pretty excited about about getting the 670g. Boy was I disappointed. The sensors in this system is by far the worst pump yet. I have called meditronic at least a dozen times as I wanted this pump to work. The sensors are not transmitting or there not connecting. I recently called and the tech told me it was a bad transmitter and of course the new transmitter will not connect. At least the 530g worked some of the time. I am so disappointed with 570g. What a piece of crap? Don’t waste your time or money on this.i am so sorry that I bought this.

  5. Wow! I’m so glad I’ve been doing my research! (I’m a research nut!) My doctor highly recommended this pump. Said she her patients have been tremendously pleased and their numbers are much better.
    I’ve used the Medtronic pumps in the past along with the guardian sensor. I never had any luck. It almost turned me off of pumping while using a sensor completely. I’ve had diabetes for 43 years with NO complications at all. I’ve never even been to the hospital for anything related to diabetes, so I did not last more than a year on the sensor. Finger sticks are much more reliable. And my A1c proved it.
    Then I decided to give the CGM another try, but I used the Dexcom. When I tell you that my Dexcom is 95% accurate, I’m telling the truth. And when it isn’t, it is normally my error, not the sensor. I would love to see Medtronic allow the option of choosing which sensor you want to use. I know that would probably be an algorithm nightmare but a girl can dream, right?
    On top of that, as much as you pay for these pumps, then they don’t work? I’d be very upset to say the least because unless you pay out of pocket, you are stuck with it until the warranty is expired. I’m just thankful to find normal people doing reviews so someone considering the pump gets a real review rather than one that the company pays for. And of course there are people that the pump will work for, But in my pumping time, I’ve been through six pumps and I have not had good luck with Minimed at all. I love the T-slim that I use along with the Dexcom sensor. It’s my partner in crime. I rely on it constantly, sometimes too much, but it never gives me any grief. I got drawn in by the idea of a closed loop system and thought I’d give it another try.

    I’m glad I didn’t. Thank you!

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