Ozempic: Sugar Coated Success or the Best of Its Kind?

By Candis Morello and Parisa Karimian

In December 2017, Ozempic (semaglutide) received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D).

Combined with eating healthy meals and regular activity, Ozempic may be used alone or with other diabetes medications. Ozempic is the 4th once-weekly glucagon like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA) medication to enter the market after Bydureon (exenatide extended release), Trulicity (dulaglutide), and Tanzeum (albiglutide). Ozempic is expected to be launched in the U.S. by the spring, shortly before Tanzeum’s discontinuation from the market due to issues with sales. Ozempic sets itself apart from other once-weekly GLP-1 RAs by demonstrating the quickest and greatest effect in reducing blood glucose and body weight in studies. In addition, a pill version of Ozempic is now under evaluation in clinical trials.

How Does Ozempic Work?

Similar to the other once-weekly products, Ozempic is a GLP-1 RA. Even though it is synthetic, it acts similarly to the hormone GLP-1 naturally produced by the body that is deficient in people with T2D. It promotes the pancreas to release insulin (only when glucose values are elevated), makes people feel fuller faster so they tend to eat less, and reduces the amount of glucose made by the liver. Overall glucose concentrations are better controlled throughout the day and after meals, and most people lose some weight.

How is Ozempic Used?

Ozempic comes in easy-to-use prefilled disposable injector pens of either 0.5mg or 1 mg strengths. Since Ozempic has a long half-life (about seven days), it only needs to be given once per week. Select one day of the week (like Sunday, as an example) and make that your Ozempic day. To help you remember, you can mark your calendar or set a reminder alarm in your phone.

If you miss your day and remember within five days, administer it as soon as possible and set that day of the week as your NEW Ozempic day. If it is less than two days away from your next dose, wait the two days to administer.

Choose an administration site on your stomach (at least two inches away from your belly button), thigh, or upper arm. After uncapping the pen place the pen tip against your skin. Now, you are ready to press the injection button. Keep the button pressed down for 5-10 seconds to ensure complete dose delivery. Each week use a different injection site or rotate within that side. Each pen only contains four doses. Once empty, dispose the pen in a sharps container. New pens should be stored in a refrigerator, away from light in the original box.

 What Can You Expect?

Ozempic improves both fasting and post-prandial (after meal) blood glucose concentrations; however, based on its long-acting formulation, it has a stronger effect on fasting plasma glucose. You can expect your A1c to reduce by about 1.2- 1.8%, depending on the weekly dosage used. Ozempic, like other GLP-1 RAs, is associated with low risk of low blood glucose (hypoglycemia). One benefit of Ozempic is weight loss up to 13 lbs, which is considerably greater than reports from other GLP-1 RAs on the market.

Additionally, data from the clinical studies suggest that Ozempic reduces risk of cardiovascular problems including stroke and heart attack. Longer-term trials will confirm these benefits.

Like other GLP-1 RAs, a common side-effect of Ozempic is the slowing down of stomach emptying. In addition, mild to moderate stomach upset and nausea may occur. These symptoms usually go away within a few weeks from starting Ozempic. To reduce the indigestion symptoms, eat smaller food portions throughout the day.

Is Ozempic Right for You?

Before starting Ozempic, you and your provider will want to discuss your medical and family history. Specifically discuss if you have problems with your pancreas or kidneys, have a history of diabetic retinopathy, are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, have any history of severe gastrointestinal (GI) disease, thyroid cancer, or family history of thyroid cancer. Getting an annual dilated eye exam is also recommended. Also, be sure to inform your provider of all prescriptions, over-the-counter, and herbal medications that you are taking, to avoid any interactions.

The Bottom Line:

Compared with other GLP-1 RAs, Ozempic is a strong A1c reducer with the added benefits of moderate weight loss and possible cardiovascular protection. The results of future studies will provide clinicians with more insightful information of which once-weekly GLP-1 RA is best for each individual patient. Consult with your provider to see if adding Ozempic is the next beneficial step to reach your personal glucose goals.


About the Authors:

 Parisa Karimian, 4th Year Student Pharmacist at UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Candis M. Morello, Pharm D, CDE, FCSHP, FASHP, Associate Dean for Student Affairs at UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Clinical Pharmacist Specialist at VASDHS.

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    im interested with this cause im a type2 diabetic. And insulin dependent for 25 years . and i do shots twice a day

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      Glad it’s helpful info for you Yvette, and something to discuss with your doctor if you’re interested.

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      As a type 2 diabetic I suggest that you try to reduce your insulin as much as possible as it directly causes weight gain. This was epic and these other types of drugs that support your pancreas are much better for you health-wise.

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      Each person is different but I. I longer take insulin ! It’s like a miracle in a pen!!!

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        I had the same experience, No more insulin. I fully agree that it is like a miracle drug.

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      I have taken it bout 3 months, nausea and stomach pain, with severe constipation makes it impossible for me to continue. I am losing weight, but have to do that without ozempic

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      My BUN has gone up each month since using ozempic. It is now at 31. Has anyone else had this experience and why does it effect the kidneys?

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    started 3 weeks ago, the nausea isnt bad for me just like first couple days after injection I have lost so far 6 lbs! I do feel full and each hardly nothing during day… my levels though havent changed its anywhere from 140 to 188 most days I stopped my diabetic medication though it was causing weight gain and horrible edema in my feet/ankles that has since went away! I hope my sugar levels come down and a1c so far good drug! its expensive though you can get card from company to pay less or ask for samples from your doctor to try first

    • Avatar

      Hi Sabrina,
      We’re glad you are having positive results so far and hope it continues to benefit your diabetes management overall. Thank you for sharing – it helps others learn more about the effects of the medication as well!

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        Do you know if Ozempic is gluten free ?? I Have Celiac Disease with SEVERE reactions and was just prescribed Ozempic

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          Call your pharmacist od doctor’s office and ask. They might be able to help. 🙂

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      What caused the edema, Sabrina, the Ozempic or your original diabetic medication?

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      Hi, I just emailed my Dr about swelling in my ankles legs and feet and I’ve never had this before taking Ozempic, I am thinking this medication is the cause, have u gotten any answers on the matter? Thanks

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      i had the same effect with bydureon, but my stomach slowed down so much, i could not even poop. so i am hoping this may work better. i lost 16 pounds on budureon and my a1c went down to 6.8 from 9.3

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    I am 5 weeks in on starting Ozempic. I do experience slight nausea a day or two after injecting. I don’t have much of an appetite the first few days after injecting. Those are the only side effects I’ve had. I am now on .5 mg after having 4 weeks of .25 mg. My blood sugars range from 130 to 150, versus 230’s before Ozempic. I’m loving this drug!!!

    • That’s great to hear, Linda! We’re glad it’s working for you, and thanks for sharing your experience.

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        I am supposed to start this meds but very scared how ppl say they are getting so sick. I’m just starting at.25mg

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          Yes I’ve gotten sick. I took the drug and my doctor said also stay on my metformin. I felt weird. Like spacey and no appetite at all. Leaving me feeling constantly like my sugar was way too low. I expressed my concerns to my doctor he said feeling dizzy and me having that weird feeling had nothing to do with the new meds. I beg to differ. I know my body. I lost 10lbs too fast!!

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            You’re right that you know your own body. Get a new doctor.

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            I took this too and was dizzy all the time when I went from 25 to 50 . Off balance…my blood pressure was unusually low when I was on it 96/65. I normally run 120/80. Went off and my blood pressure returned to normal and no more dizziness. I did lose 20 lbs tho! Now the cravings are back!

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          I have been taking ozempic since Jan 2019. I am no longer on insulin and I have lost 19 pounds. I have to force myself to eat

      • I’ve taken this medication for 5 weeks. I have lost about 8 pounds; which puts me at 145 lbs. I really do not want to lose much more weight. However, my appetite is restricted and most times once I get full I start to feel nauseated. how can I prevent losing more weight. I’m also taking synjardy. 5/1000. AM Blood sugar ranges from 99 to 130

        Also, has anyone had depression while on this mediciation.

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          Yes I had depression on this medication. Which I’ve never had before. I only took two weeks of .25mg and had to stop it. I had anxiety and depression on this drug. I also was very bloated and constipated. I felt aweful on this drug.

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            I’m already taking meds for anxiety. It caused me to be irritable.

        • Avatar

          I have only been on it a week myself and have felt very irritable too, I’m on antidepressants already too

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            Same here. Terrible irritability on Ozempic. I have lost weight but it’s no longer worth it.

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          Hi. I just stated it as well. I’m also on metforium. Blood pressure pills as well. I feel so sick, I’m hungry but cant eat or I feel like vomiting. Terribleheadaches. I feel like this for 4 full days after just the .25. I also feel depressed and just not right
          My dr. Daid it should go away. Lot 3 lbs only

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          Thanks for bringing this up
          I also started very low .025 ,was great the first week , lost appetite as well as about 2.5 kilos at the end of first week, 4 days after the second injection things got so bad very low blood suger and low blood pressure rapid heart beat something like an anxiety attack , sent me to emerge, dr said its nothing it’s just stress, I stoped taking the medication however I’m experiencing a deep depression…its very strange. I lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks I think that was a shock for my body…

        • Avatar

          I have been on this for 3 weeks. So far I’ve lost 13 lbs. The nausea is still pretty bad…and shortness of breath only at night..
          I don’t like that feeling.

    • Avatar

      Except for the severe nausea…. my biggest complaint ugh

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        I have been on Ozempic for 19 weeks and currently at .5. I am willing to put up with the occasional nausea, infrequent constipation. Since taking this drug I am no longer on an insulin. I was on short term 8mc and 70 long acting. I have lost 30 lbs. I didn’t even realize it happening except for non of my close fit. I do worry that I lost that much in 15 weeks. I am still on metformin, but may be able to come off of that too. A1c dropped 1.2 from 7.3. I just happy to be off insulin 12 years.

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        Ginger is the key for me and the nausea. Works wonderful. Numerous ways to take. If you check in the pregnancy area in the pharmacy they have these candies to suck on. works immediately.

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      Does the nausea ever go away? I am getting so nauseous from it and I have ended up taking off work the second day after injection because I have bad nausea and I also have vomiting and diarhea. It lasts for 2-4 days. I already have a bit of Gastroparesis. I have been able to control it since eliminating one of my other meds but now that I have introduced Ozempic it seems to have returned. I can’t afford to be taking time off and I also can’t handle feeling sick all the time. Do I press on or switch to a different med? Any advice would be appreciated.

      • Avatar

        I’m on my first week, I find the only time I feel sick is when I eat way too much food! Before taking this med I found myself eating less food because I was trying to do better. My body likes the smaller amounts of food. So if I try to eat even one meal like before I feel like I’m going to throw up! As bad as it feels throwing up might not be so bad tonight. Hope that helps!

      • Avatar

        Statred w/.50 on that dose for 3 weeks w/2 lbs loss nothing substantial, still crave food but levels down from 160-188 with just metformin to 100-120. Flu like symptoms, burbs, indigestion some nausea. Eyes ache. All this is manageable though I am waiting for weight loss to kick in

      • Avatar

        I also have gastroparesis amd am having bad stomach issues. I am only 3 days in from my 1st shot of .25. I really hope i can continue!

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    I have been taking Ozempic for several months but am still bothered by stomach pains much like when you know a bout of diarrhea is coming on. What can I do to lessen this? Otherwise, the results are favorable.

    • You should definitely ask your doctor, but he or she may suggest lowering the dose until it’s tolerable, and then slowly trying to go back up.

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    I have been on Ozempic for 10 weeks. The first 4 weeks I was experiencing fatigue and diarhea and left my job.

    The next 4 weeks, on the .5 dose, I spent mostly in bed with nausea, poor appetite, dizziness, and severe diarrhea up to 4 times per day.

    I lost 12lbs in the first 8 weeks

    I am on week 11. Still have fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite. Some days I can get up and do things and some not. Diarrhea is subsiding. Dizziness and being lightheaded is subsiding as well.

    I have had 3 blood tests showing higher than normal calcium levels and we are monitoring closely due to the potential thyroid issues with this drug.

    My last A1C and fasting glucose levels were 8.1

    I was prescribed this drug because I am a commercial driver and would no longer be permitted to drive commercially if I were taking insulin.

    My GP and Endocronoligist think the dizziness my have been caused by dehydration due to the severe diarrhea.

    Hope this information is helpful to someone else.

    • Avatar

      Hello, just based on the info you provided their is a strong possibility your symptoms are likely not being caused by this drug. If your calcium levels are elevated then it is a high probability that you have what is called “primary Hyperparathyroidism”. Also known as Parathyroid disease. This is different from and unrelated to a more common thyroid disorder. You should have labs done for the following: Calcium, phosphate, creatinine, PTH, Vitamin D. They may also may want to do a 24 hour urinary calcium test but I would strongly advise against it as unless there are others in your family with high calcium levels the urine test only causes confusion to an otherwise easy diagnosis. Also if your Vitamin D comes back low, DO NOT, IF SUGGESTED, TAKE HIGH DOSE VITAMIN D!!! I cant stress this enough! This is a very common error. If the calcium is elevated, even just slightly, Low Vit. D CANNOT be the cause. Taking it if your calcium is high can be dangerous. Lastly, do not allow this to be taken lightly or take the watch and wait approach. Please contact me if you have questions at Patriots.81@outlook.com

      • Avatar

        I have been taking the drug for 7 weeks. And 16 lbs down. But I’m nauseous all day and night. I keep feeling like I’m going to throw up. I maybe eat 500 calories a day as food makes me feel sick too. I have thyroid (hypo) issues that I’ve been struggling with for 2 years now and put on 40 lbs within 6 months. I don’t have diabetes but my endocrinologist wanted me to try it for weight management as it comes on so quickly with the thyroid not working properly. What do you suggest I do about the nausea? I also feel lightheaded and black spots in my eyes when I stand up or bend over and my breath always feels so laboured like I’m a heavy smoker…but I’m not. I can’t seem to also stand for long periods of time without feeling like im going to pass out. Help please.

        • Hi Olisha, Obviously I am not your doctor and don’t know your case well, but you might be getting light headed if you are on blood pressure medication too and haven’t adjusted those pills. Ozempic does lead to weight loss and some doctors recommend lower doses to get the desired effect of weight loss but but without nausea. The Ozempic pen allows you to titrate the dose according to symptoms, but please discuss all options and your symptoms with caregiver first before making any changes to your dosing.

        • Avatar

          I’m not a professional. But I’ve been taking victoza for years it is made from the same company. I’ve recently been changed to Ozempic because of insurance. My point is I had a hard time with the nausea. But I found that taking Apple Cider Pills. Completely got rid of the nausea most days, and made it more barrable on the occasion that I had it. Side benefit I also lost 25 lbs. But ask your doctor if it would interfere with your medications and what your trying to achieve before you try it. Good luck.

    • Avatar

      Gail, please also go to http://www.parathyroid.com and review.
      Your symptoms could be and likely are due to the calcium rather than the drug. I would also suggest finding an experienced Endocrine Surgeon who specializes in Parathyroid Disease.

      • Avatar

        When my calciums level started coming back high, I did all the reading as shown above. I stopped taking ALL vitamin supplements and my blood tests came back normal.

        My Endocrinologist asked me to continue on Ozempic as she said my only remaining option would be insulin. (I went into Ketoacidosis in March after contracting the flu while taking Invokana).

        I have been on Ozempic for 6 months. .25 for 1 month. .50 for 4 months and .25 for the past month. I reduced my dose as the nausea, fatigue, stomach cramps, severe cold and hot body tempersture changes, diarhea and light headedness were leaving me with no quality of life.

        On the lower dose, I am still experiencing nausea, fatique and painful intestinal cramping for 2-3 days per week. My blood sugars have increased to an average of 8. I have lost over 20lbs.

        I plan to visit my endocrinologist in early Jan to ask to be taken off this drug as I need to be able to work and have a life.


    • Avatar

      Yes I’ve gotten sick. I took the drug and my doctor said also stay on my metformin. I felt weird. Like spacey and no appetite at all. Leaving me feeling constantly like my sugar was way too low. I expressed my concerns to my doctor he said feeling dizzy and me having that weird feeling had nothing to do with the new meds. I beg to differ. I know my body. I lost 10lbs too fast!!

      • Avatar

        I hear you girl, I lost 28lbs in 16wks. I’m giving it time to stabilize a little more. I too feel I lost too much weight. I wondering if at some point I can stop taking Metformin. I am no longer on insulin.

    • Avatar

      I am a commercial driver as well. I tried ozempic a month ago. My a1c was at 8 when i started. I started the sample pen to get my body used to the medicine and then do the prescription pen. Things started off well. I read comments on it and seen the side effects people were having and i said im not having them i feel great. But the prescription pen only had 1 mg doses and when i took it after using up all the sample pen i started to feel real bad. Severe nausea where youre on the verge of throwing up but nothing happened. And very bad diarrhea. I basically felt like death was coming to get me. So i stopped using it and went back on my original pills. So i used it about a month.. Little more maybe. I was weighing 230 and i had dropped to 214. And my last a1c yesterday i was at 6.1 from 8. I discussed with my doctor and we lowered the dose to .05 instead of 1mg. I found my miracle drug now i hope i have a better go round this time. I get so scared at physical time because my life and everything is on the line. And the people administering the physical are all annoyed and dont care just rush people through like a cattle line. But ive been passing. Im hoping for the same result in July when i have to renew.good luck to you.

      • Avatar

        I have been on Ozempic since January. I have not had any concern over stomach upset at all. It truly is the miracle drug! My A1c went from 10 and is now 7 again, my daily blood test had reduced from 10-12 down to 4.5-6. I have dropped 26lbs and feel great!!!

    • Avatar

      Thanks. Ive taken the meds for 3 weeks. I miss work for the upset stomach and eruptions from both ends. Weight lose is great but not to feel like crap. Sorry not worth it.

      • Avatar

        Are you taking just this? I wonder if some may be taking Metformin too as Metformin causes major issues for me like this!

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    I have been taking it for the last 3 weeks.
    I have lost my appetite completely, very tired and sleepy throughout the day. Experiencing cramps,shakiness,pulse rate extremely high . Ozempic has been more harmful than beneficial for me,I will not take another dose !

    • Avatar

      I have been on this for just over a week and I am experiencing the same things. I will not be taking another dose of this poison.
      How they managed to hide these symptoms amazes me since a google search shows so many people with the same issues.

      • Avatar

        What I don’t understand is why they don’t put warnings on the information given about how you should eat or exactly how sick you’re going to be while taking this injection? I’ve tried eating small portions of healthy food throughout the day and I’m still so sick I can’t function!

    • Avatar

      Hi Laura. I too am very sleepy 3-4 days after injection. And I am dizzy. Does your sleepyness come right away or couple days after?

  7. Avatar

    I am on my 4th injection of Ozempic, I am on 0.5. On the lower dose I did much better, the 0.5 dose I have nausea almost every time I eat, even if I eat small amounts. The nausea sometimes ends in emesis and or dry heaves. Diarrhea is frequent but not as bother some as the nausea and vomiting. My appetite has decreased for sure because I don’t want to eat because I feel like I will be sick if I do. I want to do well on this medication, I am just getting tired of feeling sick all of the time. Will it ever go away? Is this why people lose weight on the drug because they are sick all the time? Any suggestions to improve symptoms? Anyone notice if any specific food makes it better or worse.

    • Hi Angie,
      You better have a talk with your doctor. If you go down to .25 and it still happens, it sounds like it may not be the best medication for you. Victoza is a once daily but you can titrate it from super small doses upwards to avoid nausea. A good conversation with your HCP is in order.

    • Avatar

      Eat organic food.take .25 mg you don’t need.5 my
      If your A1C is around 6.6 you just need to injection only.25 mg you need to talk to your doctor about this.
      I have a problem with diarrhea , so everyone has some problems with this medication.

  8. Avatar

    I have been taking it for 4 weeks I started the .25 then went to the higher dosage like instructed. My levels still range 160-190.. When is this medication supposed to start lowering levels immediately or does it take time.

    • I have seen lower doses work well without the nausea. Thanks for sharing.

      • Avatar

        I’m beginning my 5th week on Ozempic and considering just keeping the dosage at 2.5. My glucose has dropped from 300-400 to 138 today and constantly dropping. Someone gave a tip on this forum of taking the injection just before bed to avoid nausea. Maybe that’s why I’ve had practically none. No diarrhea either but am having several bowel movements throughout the day which is WONDERFUL when you’ve been constipated your whole life. I have been tired a good bit but the side effects have been so small in the light of the results I’m getting. Weight loss hasn’t been remarkable — about 6 lbs. I’m trying to stay away from greasy food as someone here recommended to eliminate the stomach distress. So far, very good — really loving this drug.

  9. Avatar

    I tried Ozempic as part of a drug study and my A1C dropped dramatically. After the study my Dr prescribed me the drug. My insurance does not cover it, and it will be over $700 a month. I am very disappointed.

    • Avatar

      Go to their web page and get coupon for $25 each prescription

    • Avatar

      I feel for you. Total cost is $928 where i live but after my insurance i only pay $24. My doctor gave me a coupon card thing to help with the cost. Maybe your doctor can do the same for you.

    • Avatar

      I have been taking Ozempic for abt 8 weeks now and I will not be taking it any longer. The weight loss is great 25lbs gone but the nausea vomiting diahrea and stomach pain is unbearable. I am not diabetic was just taking it for weight loss. Food now turns my stomach due to all the side effects as described!!

  10. Avatar

    I had pancreatitis 12 yrs ago due to bile duct blockage. Had stone removed and duct flushed. I dont drink except a little wine at holidays. No further issues
    Would like to try as I am tired of pills.

  11. Avatar

    I have been on ozempic for 6 weeks. I have lost 17 pounds. I have way less discomfort or nausea than I experienced on Victoza. I find it helps if I eat low carb while taking ozempic.

    My blood sugars are stable, between 101 and 103 fasted and between 127 and 133 after a meal. I am not currently taking any other medications for my diabetes. I am going back to my doctor to re take my A1C the end of October. So far so good! Looking to lose more weight and manage my diabetes.

  12. Avatar

    Started Ozempic and within one week developed chest pain. Continued taking it thinking it may be some sort of indigestion from in for one month. Pain continued. Took off Ozempic and a month later pain and shortness of breath. Ended of having emergency heart cath with 98% blockage in LAD the widowmaker. No history at all of high BP or coronary disease.

  13. Avatar

    Disease = Money
    Especially Diabetes and Cancer. Then the prices are hiked because they know some insurance company’s will pay. Or if your part of ” The Haves” opposed to the “have not’s” I have T2D I am on A very good solution Metformen which is a old drug and helps more things than controlling Diabetes. I started Trulucity because Glipizide was causing weight gain. I am on an all raw veggie no carbs, some fruit like dark berries. I eat to fill the hole. Lol, but weight gain is something that must be managed to contribute to lower sugar.I’ve been fatigued a Lil nauseous. But the fatigued is something I’m not willing to deal with. Ive just rebuilt my life after major depression and chronic pain which I’ve stopped all poison opiates. I must stay busy to deal with this pain and not fall into depression. If it don’t pass, its not worth it.

  14. Avatar

    Just started this injection this week. The constant stomach pain is awful. Im tired, fog brained and after reading all of this and the packaging from the box Im starting to feel Im making a big mistake getting involved with this drug. My doctor is very pushy about me going on insulin with a combination of meds, or this injection with a combination of meds to lower my blood sugars. They have been averaging 230-269. Since I brought the hammer down a week ago they’ve dropped to below 170. My first injection was Wends and today my blood sugars are down to 141. I feel absolutely horrible though. My kids are running circles around me! Im not sure I can continue this

    • Hi Angie,
      Glad your numbers are down, but if the side affects do not become tolerable then a conversation with your healthcare provider is in order.

    • Avatar

      Hi I started Ozempic .05 for a month, then went to 0.25 for a month. Felt also nausea, Now I am on 1 mg. Still feeling nauseous but not all day. Do have a headache off and on. But my numbers dropped 4 points in 2 1/2 months. I am tired which is what really bothers me. Being that I have to run allday. I am not sure if I am gonna continue with it if I don’t start to feel better

  15. Avatar

    Started Ozempic 3 months ago. A1C was 10.7. Recent A1C is 6.9. Doc wants it down to 6.5. I take Metformin 1000MG 2x a day and Atrovastatin 1x day. Glucose meter reads 104 in morning consistently. 135 in afternoons. However tonight after a low carb dinner it registered at 85. I have consistent nausea, burping, gas and I feel like I grind my teeth more so now. Sleep is hit or miss. Great results on Ozempic but unsure of long term effects. Blood and urine tests all come back in range.

  16. Avatar

    Curious, do you take your injections in morning or evening? Does it matter?

  17. Avatar

    Just started this week. I am very nauseous and have very bad mucle pain and stiffness all over my body. Is this normal and how long will it laat? I never get hungry except when I first wake up in the morning. I Would really prefer Ozempic because treseba causes alot of weight gain.

  18. Avatar

    I started Ozempic 5 weeks ago about to start 1mg bs considerably low very happy but only have one concern I started feeling neck pain then tense feeling on neck At first thought I had slept wrong but now going on two weeks. Throat feels swollen Should I be concerned?

  19. Avatar

    I went to my daughter to talk about weight loss and he prescribed this to me I am not diabetic what should I do?

    • Avatar

      Hi Maria,
      You may want to have a conversation with your doctor to find out why, and you may also want to seek out a second opinion.

  20. I’m on my 5th week and the nausea and vomiting are still bothering me. The last 2 days I can barely eat anything without getting sick. Does this get better the longer I’m on the medicine? I have called my doctor today. I just don’t know how much longer I can take this. Thanks. Beverly

  21. Avatar

    I am on the sixth day after first injection. Have been nauseated since day two, even now. I will take second injection tomorrow. I have already lost weight as food is no longer my passion. 4 pounds lost. Morning sugar levels are great already. Just need nausea cure. Could be a miracle drug if I can stay the course. By the way I am a borderline diabetic over 50 years old. Good luck to all.

  22. Avatar

    I’ve taken Ozempic for about months, it worked well for me with weight loss, lower A1C and other health issues have improved. However after the initial savings card is no longer accepted, my insurance will not cover the medicine after several attempts. Unfortunately I am switching medicines even though the medication worked great for me, I just cannot afford it without insurance.

    • Avatar

      Got to the Ozempic web site. They state $25.00should be your payment amount without insurance

  23. Avatar

    I have been on Victoza for 2 years (full strength) what is the different besides once a day shot and once a week shot? Does Ozempic have a different drug in it or is it just stronger then Victoza?

  24. Avatar

    I’m wondering if Ozempic can effect your Menstral cycle. I’m in my forth week of the medication and my menstral cycle is delayed this month and was wondering if this could be related..

    • I do not know of any GLP-1 RA or drug in the class that has menstrual effects..but I am not the expert in that area…ask my ex wife.

    • Avatar

      Hello, I’ve been on Ozempic for approx 3 months. Started at 0.25 for one month, then went to 0.5. For about the last month I am so tired I can hardly function. Literally wake up in the morning and shortly thereafter just sleep on and off all day.

      I know Ozempic can cause fatigue, but is it normal to come on after taking it for a little over two months? My numbers are all good within range.

      Just seems strange that I didn’t have the fatigue in the beginning. I did try going back to 0.25 a couple of times but that didn’t help at all.

      Any input would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

      • Avatar

        what else are you taking, Chris? Check out the other meds too. Sometimes after being on something a long time you can develop reactions. I was on statins for years and then all of the sudden my muscles ached all over. Joint pain also very tired. I stopped them and all pain went away and no longer tired as much.

    • Avatar

      Reading this I am wondering if Ozempic is why I have been 3 days later on my menstral cycle for the last 2 months.

    • Avatar

      Did you ever her your cycle or were you pregnant? My daughter is having the same issue. He period is now over a week late.

  25. Avatar

    I’ve been taking ozempic for roughly 3 4 months now. I noticed that I’ve been gradually having issues swallowing. Some days my throat feels like I have a lump in it and it bothers me. I can eat something and feel like my throat is closing in almost like an allergic reaction to what ever I eating. I dont take anything else. I feel like my stomach is bloated all the time and i do get nausea. I took my dosage this past monday and tried to eat something and felt like it got stuck in my throat and paniced. I went to the ER thinking I had something stuck and they sent me home since i didnt have symthoms of an allergic reaction but my throat was still swollen. The next day I could not eat. I was able to get a spoon full of eggs and one gulp of coffee and boom instantly felt sick and throat swelled up. I have no allergies to no food. I cant even vomit it up if I wanted. I tried to force my self and nothing worked. I dont think this medication is worth the nausea and anxiety i feel with my thoat and stomach swelling. I was on Victoza previously and dont know why they switched me to this. Its been two days since my doesage and today I can finally eat a little more but after wards nausea and anxiety. I need to be able to eat more than a couple spoon fuls of food a day.

  26. Avatar

    I’ve been taking Ozempic for 3 months..I’ve noticed shortness of breath like an asthma attack, troubles swallowing, and now have seen spots and dizziness. I have been to many dr appointment. They come back with nothing..its getting worse and I struggle to breath.

    • Avatar

      I would consider stopping Ozempic for a couple of weeks, take your sugar levels 2 or 3 times a day so to make sure you dont get crazy spikes in the 400’s.

      That’ll help you see if Ozempic is the culprit.

      I did that with Trulicity to figure out how it was impacting me.

  27. Avatar

    It works. Two weeks lost 6lbs. No side effect effects. Love this. Coupons not accepted with Medicare Insurance.Never been ableHeavy9.rw@gmail.com to lose weight before.I’m looking forward to getting in the 90’s, then 8’s. I’m 209. Who would have thought that would have made me smile.

  28. Avatar

    I have been on ozempic .5mg for 5 months now, a1c is down, I do have bouts of diarrhea, but on the whole feel well. I have lost weight but now, I have plateaued these last 2 weeks, is this normal? I need to loss more weight, what can I do?

    • Reaching a plateau with regard to weight loss is not uncommon – everybody’s response is a little different. To lose more weight, you need to have a face to face appointment with a physician who is knowledgable about weight loss.

  29. Avatar

    Game changer. Switched from Trulicity. Better A1c and the side effects are much better to handle. Trulicity, nausea was brutal for up to 4 days after injection along with indigestion and a lot of fatigue. Ozempic, no nausea, no fatigue, but now I have bloating and indigestion. I realized this is due to the diet. I am full almost all the time now. Whereas on Trulicity, I would eat to quiet down the nausea. As I’ve cut the amount I eat, the side effects are going away.

  30. Avatar

    Has anyone experienced a “bad breath” side effect on Ozempic ??

    • Avatar

      Like sulphur? Yes. It is awful. I feel like this med is killing me.

    • Avatar

      Yes! My husband keeps telling me my breath is awful AND nothing seems to help.
      I’m happy you wrote this bc I also have nausea,fatigue and lethargy.
      I did not have these issues while on trulicity.
      Seeing my doctor on Wednesday.

  31. Avatar

    How much does Ozempic and diabetic consultants/doctors get paid/kickbacks for this? It seems meds are only made to make profit, and a lot of profit at that.

  32. Avatar

    My doctor decided to start ozempic yesterday after my A1C went from 7.8 to 5.3 after starting a low carb diet with regular exercise. I lost 60 pounds since January, and my janumet that I was taking had become too strong for what I need. I have never needed insulin, and my doctor is hoping that the .25mg dose once per week will be enough to keep my sugars under control (they are upper 80s to low 90s and post meal 100-120 now on janumet). He’s also hoping it will help me lose the last 20 pounds to my goal and have me completely off all diabetes medication in the next year.

  33. Avatar

    Hello… I am hoping for some insight either way (positive or negative). Anyway, I have been looking at trying Ozempic. I asked my Doctor about this alternative hoping it may assist helping me lower my overall blood sugar and a1c levels over time. After discussions and reviewing if I was a good candidate for the drug my Doctor gave me the thumbs up and prescribed it to me. I was excited at first, I saw the commercials for the drug and did some brief reading about it. Then when I was prescribed the medication I did even more reading before I tried my first injection. To be honest I am extremely nervous and not feeling positive about trying this medication now. I have read so many horrifying side effects that I don’t know what to do. I would not describe myself as someone with a low pain tolerance so that’s not the issue. I am reading things like possible cancer warning side effects, massive stomach and nausea issues. Kidney and Liver ailments and possible shutdown etc etc.
    So now I am not sure what to do. Even some if the people out here that has had some positive results seem to have all battled thru a variety of side effects. I actually read one comment out there that his stomach pain was so bad that after his 2nd week he feared having to take his next shot. He had been counting down the days as they grew closer to his next injection he was horrified. After week 3 injection he was so upset at himself for continuing but pushed himself hoping it would get better as time went on. There are also many more stories like that out there as well.
    I’m just not 100 percent sure now. Again, I was all for it and really pumped to start. I almost wish I didn’t keep researching about the medication. So, I know I will get the “it’s ultimately up to you” replies but my ultimate hope is that I will get some positive reinforcement that this drug isn’t as bad OR the negative responses/ side effects truly are not as bad as they sound.

    MAYBE even a NEW referral to some other medication that doesn’t have so many negative side effects??? Anything would help at this point. Thank You and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone out there.

    PS. I sincere thank you to anyone who reads this and replies. I know I might sound ridiculous but it’s just my thoughts on dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Sometimes I read some crazy or ridiculous questions or comments and I think how can a person be so worried, concerned or over reacting to certain things. Now I AM that person lol. Thanks for reading!

    • Avatar

      OMGosh I’ just got mine today and your story is my story ! Im scared to start it now 🙁

    • Avatar

      Hi Will,
      It’s been a few months since you’ve written, but I just saw your post and wanted to give you some hope, regarding Ozempic. I have been taking it for about 6 months. I’m not gonna lie, at first the nausea was incredibly bad, but I kept taking it, and the nausea gradually started to subside. Finally, at about month 4, it completely disappeared and I no longer suffer from nausea or diarrhea. To date, I’ve lost about 25lbs, my A1C went from about an 8 down to 5.9 just recently. My doctor told me at my next appointment, if my A1C goes down again, she’s going to take me off my Metformin. Ozempic has been a life saver.
      I hope this helps you or someone else, out there.

      Oh, just an FYI drug company’s HAVE to list all those possible side effects, even if just one person experienced it. It doesn’t necessarily mean the side effect came from the Ozempic, though. Just have your doctor check your blood work for your Liver and Kidneys, on a regular basis if you’re concerned.

      Best of luck,

      • Avatar

        Great Doug! I’m getting to where you are. I wish people would give it a chance. I don’t want to sound mean but sometimes you just have to fight thru it. I found something to eat that I could stomach. Ate it every day until I got past the worst of the nausea.

      • Avatar

        Doug, I have had the same experience as you. I hope that people will give it some time. I think that these horror stories are really affecting some people.

    • Avatar

      I have been taking it now for 4 weeks, on my 5th dose and the only side affect I experience is headaches and i.m not sure if they are from the Ozempic. I don’t have diarrhea, upset stomach or constipation. I do get hungry sometimes probably because I eat so little (had gastric bypass years ago). I was on an insulin pump for years and after weight loss no longer needed the pump. after insulin was stopped my A1C jumped up to 8.6 so now I am trying Ozempic. I don’t need to loss anymore weight. I was terrified of the stories I heard/read from others but in the end I made the decision to try it (byetta made me very sick and so did bydoren) this med seems to work perfect if only I could get past the headaches. My BG is near to perfect now. Every one is different, you’ll have to try for yourself to see if you’ll experience any negative side affects.

    • Avatar

      You wrote this a long time ago so by now you’ve probably made your decision. But if you are still wondering, I can tell you this. I, too, was very worried and delayed starting ozempic until I had nothing going on in my life that could be affected by it’s side effects. But I’ve really had so few it’s not worth mentioning. Just a bit tireder than usual, frequent headache, and more bowel movements than usual. Here’s how I’ve dealt with it: Advil for the headaches — one per day has been enough. Take the injection before bed to ward off nausea or stomach pain.
      On line you can get 5% liquid hydrocloric acid to sprinkle about 8 drops on your food that will prevent the stomach upset and aid digestion. There’s nothing dangerous about this liquid; been using it for years. Or you could use a bit of apple cider vinegar with the same result but the taste might not be so good. You will be less hungry on ozempic so just adjust your food choices to reflect less oils, salt, and wheat to control the bloating some have mentioned. Good luck!

    • Avatar

      I found that Trulicity had much less side effects versus Ozempic.
      With trulicity, there was really minimal nausea.

    • Avatar

      Got mine yesterday and am now afraid to start this. I was on Trulicity and that knocked me for a loop. I was fatiged and nauseous. Dr. said Ozempic doesn’t have those side effects, then I read all these people haveing problems. Dr. did say if you eat to much you will throw up. Oh great, that’s not fun!!! Still putting of taking this, but if I don’t then I will have to use insulin and that puts on more weight!!!

    • Avatar

      Will, what you wrote is EXACTLY how I feel right now. The sample box is sitting in front of me as o wrote this and I was to start my first dose tomorrow night. I am scared out of my wits reading all these and other comments. I am seriously thinking of calling my doctor so I can start Metformin instead. Did you ever start the Ozempic? Or are you taking something else?

  34. Avatar

    I started taking those epic .25 injection for two weeks for the last three weeks I’ve been on .5. I have lost a total of 10 pounds so far but my morning blood sugar checks have not really come down. They were in for 165 to 130 . So far I’ve had no side effects. Oh my blood sugar come down on the daily morning checks?

  35. Avatar

    I have taken two sample boxes of ozempic and I love it, however I have tried to get my prescription filled given to me by my doctor and my insurance doesn’t cover it (United Heakthcare Medicare Advanrage). Is there anything I can do to be able to afford this medication.

    Gail Noland

  36. Avatar

    I am on my second week of Ozempic,.The first week I had stomach pain loss if appetite, headache.I think it was because ofnot drinking enough water.When I figured that out things got better.This week I carry a bottle of water around, side effects much better.lost 4lbs in one week.Will get my results on everything else after a month.The reviews will scare you but everyone is different,Make sure you drink plenty of water..

    • Avatar

      Agreed… Everyone is different. I read many plenty reviews, but am tired of taking a pill twice a day. My A1C went from 6.3 to 6.7 over the course of a year… So, I decided to try Ozempic despite people’s reviews. The goal is to get my A1C back down AND to get rid of 15 lbs.

  37. Avatar

    So far my experience with the pen is underwhelming. The spring delivery is inconsistent across my four doses ranging from 5 seconds to 90 seconds to receive my full dose. Only one of my last ten pens has NOT exhibited this issue. Overall, a poor quality delivery system.

  38. Avatar

    I have achieved great success with Victoza. It never once made me feel ill and has my A1c at about 5.9 consistently (down from 8.0) My question is…If Victoza doesn’t give me side effects am I less likely to get them with Ozempic? My doctor wants me to switch.

  39. Avatar

    I have been using Ozempic from almost the time it became available on the market.
    1- No side effects with me.
    2- Not a single ounce in weight loss. If anything, I gained 3 pounds so far.
    3- My A1C has no noticeable improvement. I was before using Ozempic between 6.8 & 7.3 A1C. I am still within this range (more on the 6.8 to 7.2 range).
    4- Ozempic claims a potential reduction on A1C of between 1.2 to 1.8%. I am not sure what does this mean. Does 1.2% reduction mean my if my pre-Ozempic was 7.0; then post Ozempic I should expect 7.0 less 1.2= 5.8 or is it 1.2% of the 7 making the expected value 6.9x???
    5- The drug is extremely expensive. In the US, it costs around $ 850.00 per pen. That is $ 212.50 weekly. So, I got a prescription to buy it from Canada where the same costs $ 220.00 Canadian (approx. $ 160.00 US$) which is approximately 5 times cheaper.
    5- I did not find any reference on the long term effects on the pancreas or kidneys.



  40. Avatar

    Ozempice does have a savings card where you won’t pay over $25 for your prescription.
    Check it out to see if you qualify. I got a cardc, but my co-pay was $24.99 so it would not work for me. Check it out.


  41. Avatar

    I have been a diabetic for 30 years. Taking Lantas and Humalog. My doctor switched my insulin to Ozempic. Since October I have been taking .025 once a week without side effects. Well on January 22 (16 weeks) I took my shot and have been sick with Stomach pain,diarrhea belching and gas. My weight has dropped 30lbs ans my AlC was 9.2 now 5.9. I love the results, but why and i feeling this way now

  42. Avatar

    I’ve been on ozempic since 8/24/2018 I’ve lost 42 pounds, my glucose and A1C are completely normal. I love this medication.

  43. Avatar

    If I was previously taking Victoza, is it normal that the .25 is not having any sort of strong effect? Can i move to the .5 sooner without risk?? (Week 2 or 3)

  44. Avatar

    I was prescribed ozempic and received my first injection in the endocrinologist office. I’m T1D, yet i’ve seen no indication that this is safe for T1D. Woke up with a headache but a lower morning BG reading. Should I even be taking this?

    • Avatar

      I am T1D also and was given this in the endocrinologist office. Day three I became sick with vomiting and Diarrhea. I’m not sure if I will give myself a second dose. Mt DR said it may help me loose a few extra pounds I’ve been working on for months, but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

      • Avatar

        doesn’t it say “not for T1D. That doesn’t sound right. Call the Ozempic Hotline.

  45. Avatar

    I just started my first injection of ozempic this past Tuesday and so far so good. My appetite has dramatically decreased but I’m ok with that. I have struggled with my type 2 diabetes since I was 22 and I am now 38. This medication seems like it is going to do the trick. I eat less than half of what I used to. Typically I eat about 4 or 5 bites and I am full. What I do now to keep from feeling sick is eat 2 or 3 small very small meals per day and it seems to help. Im looking forward to see how this medication does for me long term. Good luck to all of you out there. Hang in there

  46. Avatar

    I have been on Ozempic since Aug 2018 and love it. My A1C is way down and I have lost 20+ pounds. I take Ozempic in addition to Metformin and Jardiance. Initial experience with the drug was nausea at night, stomach aches, loss of appetite, sleepiness and diahreah. These have all steadily decreased and pretty much gone away after 5 months and were nothing that couldn’t be handled. If starting this drug just be prepared that there will be inconveniences initially but it is worth the long term outcome. The downside – this drug is very expensive, luckily it is covered by my healthplan.

  47. Avatar

    Just wanted to share my experience, I have been using Ozempic since January 7th of this year. My previous blood test were done in November 2018 and my A1C back them was 9.5 and my weight was 212 pounds. I just had my blood test done again on 3/8/2019 and went to see my doctor last Friday, the test results were in and my A1C is now down to 6.6. I also weight 205 pounds.
    I have done nothing different that what I was already doing before I started taking Ozempic. So far I have not experienced any side effects that I know. It seems to work in the past I have never been bellow 9.5 in my A1C test.

  48. Avatar

    I was given a sample of this led 2 days ago and I’m anxious about using it now. I’m afraid of needles and even more afraid of nausea and vomiting. You could say I’m phobic. I was instructed to take .25. Are most of the side affects y’all are having are from the .25? Also, I took a Zophran in prep of the nausea, hoping if I did inject, it would keep nausea from happening. How long do the symptoms last? Every day for the next 7 days? I don’t know what to do. Also, I have Blue Cross insurance and am not sure what it covers.

    • Avatar

      The needle shouldn’t scare you; it’s so tiny, you will be amazed that it’s even in your skin.

    • Avatar

      I hate shots and rarely notice when my daughter in law gives it the needle is so small. To me it does better in the arms. I drink only unsweet decaf tea, coffee and water. Anything carbonated makes me sick. That’s when I’ll have reflux, belching and stomach issues. I avoid bread also for the same reason.

  49. Avatar

    Tall me more please about the Ozempic and Thyca? I’ve had my thyroid completely removed. Could this cause modules to appear in the neck area?

  50. Avatar

    I must be one of the lucky ones. i started ozempic 7 months ago at the 1mg dose from day 1

    i stayed home from work expecting what most have experienced but i never got the to the nausea and tossing my cookies part. the closest was a 10 second uhoh moment when i thought here it comes and that was it…

    so far i am just pounds away from 100lb loss… it does effect diet… urge to eat less… changed my taste buds so i dont crave pizza anymore… and i eat more lean meats and fruits..

    i also have moments at night watching tv where without warning i just check out for an hour or 2 regardless if the program is of high interest or not.

    i am also experiencing dehydration and just need to keep track of increase fluid intake..

    HOWEVER… it has been a miracle for me and i love what it is doing for me…


    • Avatar

      100 lbs attributed to the med or due to diet change? All I’ve read said 13 lbs is the most it can make you lose weight.

      • Avatar

        I’ve been on Ozempic 4 weeks 3 days at .25 dose and I have lost almost 10 lbs. I expect to loose more than 13 overall.

  51. Avatar

    I started taking this in June 2018 as recommended by my Endocrinologist. While I do not have diagnosed Diabetes I have struggled for 40 years to lose weight and nothing I’ve done has been successful. I eat a very restricted diet and my doctor suggested trying ozempic in addition.
    I lost 30 pounds in three months. It’s been fantastic.
    Side effects: severe constipation, severe nausea. However, having worked so hard to lose weight in the past and finding that this worked right away I was willing to keep going. I’ve never been able to tolerate above the .5mg dose. The weeks I had bad side effects were the weeks my Dr. tried the 1mg dose which I did several times.
    The bad news: my insurance covered this in 2018 but cut off all coverage in 2019 which also negates any discounts from the manufacturer. I’m now paying $800 per month.
    My hope is that Novonordisk will soon allow their discounts to work for patients who have no insurance coverage

    • Avatar

      The nausea comes from overeating or eating foods high in carbs.

  52. Avatar

    I’ve been on the drug for 6 weeks. The first 4 were at .25mg and the last 2 weeks have been at .50mg.

    I haven’t had the nausea as much as others nor the stomach pains. No diarrhea. My biggest side affect is feeling depressed and my stomach/inside feeling full all the time. I have slight headaches that only go away if I take Aleve Cold & Sinus. Also I don’t sleep as well at night.

    I’m not overweight…I’m 6’5″ and weight 190lbs.

    My blood sugar has gone from 235 to just under 200 (177-199). I’ll give Ozempic a full 90 days to see if these feelings go away. If not I’ll talk with my doctor and try something else.

  53. Avatar

    I have been on Ozempic for 4 weeks now and have had constant headaches and sleepless nights. I normally fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, now it takes a while and I wake up often. Also I normally would have bowel movements three times a day, 1/2 hour after I eat, now it may only be two to three times a week. Not sure how much longer I can stand these headaches. My blood pressure is still near to perfect and my sugar levels are reduced but my head!!

  54. Avatar

    Switched last week to .25 dose of ozempic from Victoza – A1c was at 7.8 – blood sugars actually have risen the first couple days on this new medicine – when should I expect a change and lower blood sugar

  55. Avatar

    I am on my 4th week of Ozempic and I am not going to continue with this therapy. I will go back to Victoza. After I inject Ozempic, I am nauseous for a few days – which I can handle. What I cannot handle is the leg stiffness and soreness to the point where it is super painful to move, walk, sleep, sit. I have been keeping notes on when this happens and when it goes away. It starts the afternoon after I inject (Friday morning) and then it starts fading on Wednesday. On Thursday I feel great and on Friday morning I feel great. Then around noon on the day of injection the stiffness and soreness start back in. By Saturday and Sunday I can barely walk and have to wait until Wednesday to have a life again. Dr. says it isn’t a known side effect but I have had no other changes of any kind.

    • Avatar

      I have a headache on left side of my head which didn’t have until I started on Ozempic. Also weeks ago i watched documentary “What the Health” and stopped eating meat. I no longer have joint pain. Before when I ate meat had joint pain in knees, hands but it stopped. I noticed after injection of Ozempic I’m aching in my joints. Also, my sugar was higher than normal.. I can probably deal with joint pain but this headache is the worst. I started drinking more water, Hope that helps

  56. Avatar

    I am having the same issues, the first day, I am exhausted,tired and medicine head, next I feel lifeless. then I can hardly eat anything, then, I am unable to potty. The dose is .5 and it’s the 5th week in which I am now on, no weight lost, bloated, uncomfortable, and not sure if this medication is for me.

  57. Avatar

    I was on Victoza for 8 months with good weight loss and control of glucose. Switched to Ozempic 3 months ago and had similar results. However a recent change in circumstances and I cannot afford the 450$ a month for it. I need to go back to insulin which is covered by plan here. Sad to think of losing all the weight (55#) and back to the start. What a messed up system.

  58. Avatar

    i’ve been extremely dizzy and light headed since starting ozempic. 0.5 dosage for 8 weeks now and it hasn;t stopped.almost to the point of blacking out when standing up Have been diabetic for 15yrs —-metformin/humalog/lantus. Ozempic does give better control of blood sugars but i hate feeling this sick

  59. Avatar

    I just got a sample of this medicine today and I’m nervous to try it. I’m 22 with hypothyroidism and insulin resistance but no diabetes. I was taking metformin but my endocrinologist said it wasn’t working as well as he’d hoped so he recommended ozempic. Is it crazy for me to think that if I eat better and exercise more I can lose enough weight without taking this medication?? I’m currently at 224

    • Avatar

      I’m not going to continue this medication. Im not functional with the diarrhea.

  60. Give the drug time to get through the side effects and it also takes awhile to see your numbers plummet. I have been on the medication 6 weeks and have lost 16 lbs. Feel great and despite the nausea and constipation it is so worth it. The constipation takes care of itself after 3 days or so and makes up for loss time. lol So happy with this medication! Be patient and you will see a difference. Everybody has different outcomes and bodies, so just be patient. Love ozempic!!

  61. Avatar

    I take 1000mg metaformin twice a day, and have done Ozempic consistently since the beginning of Feb. I take .50 shots. I have a lot of bloating and have tried gas tablets and probiotics to help. Stopped any types of Sodas and soda stream water. Still have bloating. A little nausea once in a blue moon. Usually in the morning when I take my other meds. Haven’t lost any weight (maybe a pound), still at 212. I’m not very hungry yet no weight loss. Just tried starting to monitor blood sugar using a FreeStyle Libre product (because I hate sticking myself) and my sugars are nowhere within the target 90 to 140 range. At times I wake up with my sugars at 185+ already at 4am. Without eating, they don’t drop to 125 until noon or later. Wondering if I need to ask the doctor to go to 1.0 dosage on ozempic. In any case, I’m handling ozempic well. Tired by 8 in evening, but that’s because my alarm goes off at 4am, so I think that’s ok. I want to get this blood sugar under control.

    • Avatar

      Ron, do you take your Metformin (I take the same dosage)at meal times? The Diabetic Educator I see recommended start eating your meal, take your Metformin and finish eating. Taking my medication this way has eliminated the bloated feeling and gas I was having.

  62. Avatar

    I have been on Ozempic for 8 weeks now. My A1C was a 17.1 and my sugars were in the 600’s I am going for my new A1c tomorrow but my sugars have been consistently in the 80-110 range, so it really works… however. now that I am taking the .1 dose, the stomach pains have become severe. I am asking for a reduction back down to .5. I too get nauseated, but I really feel it is from the stomach pain and just not being able to eat because it hurts so much. I was pretty ok at the .5 and I’m hoping I will be again. The other thing I have noticed is my injection site hurt weeks after my injections now that I have gone to the bigger dose.

  63. Avatar

    I been taking Ozempic for 4 weeks, I feel great,I lost 15pounds and it works for me. My blood sugar is great.

  64. Avatar

    Hello. This is my second week of taking Ozempic (0.25 ml). My issue is I have trouble sleeping during the first two nights after taking the injection. The other side effects are mild and manageable. I haven’t read that sleep issues are a possible side effect of taking this drug. Have any of you had this problem and how did you manage it? Thanks.

  65. Avatar

    Started taking this .25 dosis injection for my first week. On 04/17/19 I have lost a total of 4.5 pounds so far, I am on my second week of Ozempic. The first week I didn’t had stomach pain, headache or any side effects. But I notice that my appetite had a big change. I am not hungry all day. I am eating small meals now. I been drinking more water than normal, but after reading all the reviews I was really scared too. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the right medicine for me. But it works!!! No side effects yet! I am a T2D

  66. Avatar

    My A1C was 7 and my doctor put me on 0.25 Ozempic. I did 4 weeks at 0.25. My results were wonderful with a 12 pound weight loss and fasting blood sugars in the normal ranges, however I had to stop taking this drug due to the side effects that I could no longer live with…sleepless nights for those 4 weeks and fecal impaction 6x in 4 weeks. That caused me so much stress and misery and I can’t wait until this drug leaves my body for good.

  67. I was placed on ozempic 3 weeks ago at the gradual increasing dosages for weight loss. I am not diabetic and I am approximately 20 pounds overweight. My doctor wanted Saxenda or Trulicity but my insurance denied and substituted Ozempic. When I reached my 0.5 mg dose my symptoms worsened quickly. I am a RN and my husband is a physician so we both are very knowledgeable in assessing situations. All I can say is weight loss is imminent because the nausea and gastroparesis and cramps are almost unbearable. This drug landed me in the ER by week 3 requiring IV fluids, pain management with Levsin and a CT of the abdomen which showed intestines full and dilated with fecal matter. This is absolutely the worst I have felt in a long time. The abdominal pain was worse than labor. I would advise physicians to steer clear of this drug for weight management in otherwise healthy active individuals. My understanding is it has not been FDA approved for this use and I assure you this RN will be talking to some medical directors at her insurance company!

  68. Avatar

    I have been taking victors which keeps my sugar level down to almost normal. I start ozempic and seemy level go sky high again. Im taking the max dose. The first day it seemed to work but the next two days it absent slowed down my levels..

  69. Avatar

    I’ve been on ozempic 0.1 dosage for 4 weeks I pass the side affects but I now feel
    like the weight loss has stopped and I crave sugar alot more now. Please advise if this is a known response after being on 0.1 dosage

  70. Avatar

    I have just started with Ozempic. Six days ago I took my first shot. Script said 1 ml weekly. I used the pen once and used it against for a second time, and afterwards discovered that I mistakenly took two doses, thus 2 ml. I have had bad diarrhea, and loss of appetite since. How long will these side effecTS LAST?

  71. Avatar

    I started Ozempic on 4/4/19 with just the .25 dose. Did that for 2 weeks and upped the dose to .5, per my doctor.

    I’m on a pretty low carb diet and I used to fast, but this week I learned that I can not fast OR go long periods of time without eating, or I get nasty heartburn. That is frustrating. Other than that, no complaints so far. I’d like to get my A1C to a great number and eventually get off this shot though, as there are some troubling side effects I’d like to avoid.

  72. Avatar

    I have been on ozempic for 6 months now. I had no issues until my doctor just increased my dosage to 1 m. Omg. The pain, nausea and diarrhea had me miss 3 days of work. I feel like I have a stomach flu it’s awful.

  73. Avatar

    I switched from Trulicity to Ozempic 2 weeks ago and this has to be the worst drug ever. I went from an average glucose of around 150 to getting readings all day long of 200 to 270. This is ridiculous. I called my doctor and hopefully she will switch me back to Trulicity. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Avatar

      I switched from trulicity to Ozempic in mid April. Started at .25, now taking .5 and the goal is 1.0, but I am tired and have nausea a lot.if your Ozempic dose is .25, the starting dose, there is no therapeutic effect at all. It does nothing until you get to the .5 dosage.

      Don’t know if I want to go to the 1.0 dose. Seeing doctor on Wednesday.

      Good luck

      • Avatar

        Michelle I have been on .25 dosage for 7 weeks and my numbers are way down from the 300s. I have also lost around 18 pounds. I get occasional nausea, but I drink tons of water and crackers. I really afraid to go up to .5 because I don’t want the bad side affects.

  74. Avatar

    I’ve been on Ozempic for 7 weeks. I’m at the point that I may have to ask my doctor to discontinue the medication. The nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite and constipation side effects have not stopped. I did lose about 10 pounds, but who would not with these side effects.

    • Avatar

      I have been on ozempic for 2 weeks and I am so constipated. What can I do to cure this?

  75. Avatar

    I’m at the same place as you. Dosage is .5 and I am seeing my endocrinologist on Wednesday to dis usd discontinuing and return to trulicity.

  76. Avatar

    I switched from trulicity to Ozempic in mid April. Started at .25, now taking .5 and the goal is 1.0, but I am tired and have nausea a lot.if your Ozempic dose is .25, the starting dose, there is no therapeutic effect at all. It does nothing until you get to the .5 dosage.

    Don’t know if I want to go to the 1.0 dose. Seeing doctor
    Good luck

  77. Avatar

    I have lost weight but my joints are in pain and I have headaches the diarrhea is not that bad but I do experience it often I am also dizzy a lot of the time I’m insulin resistant due to pcos I lost like 22 lbs but I just feel sick a lot of the time I also out of the blue started having chest pain.

  78. Avatar

    Hello everyone!
    I have taken 4 doses so far, very little side effects BUT I have been feeling a little “down” lately. After reading the comments posted on here, I am wondering if it may be the fatigue some of you have mentioned. I just dont feel motivated to do anything, and am indifferent to many situations.
    Has anyone experienced this, and does it subside with time?

  79. I switched from Trulicity to Ozempic as the Trulicity injections were very painful when the medication was administered (? adverse effect) . I started right away on the 0.5mg dose and have to say that I did not get the stomach issues of nausea and vomiting. I did note that I feel tired and some days taking a shower requires much motivation.I am entering my 5th week on the drug and feel BLOATED, feel I have gained weight- not lost, my blood sugars have been above 200 which is not normal and overall not happy. I will be due for my 5th injection in 3 days and am considering going back to the Trulicity despite the painful burning when injected. Has anyone had these same types of symptoms?

  80. Avatar

    I am in awe of Ozempic. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost because I don’t weigh myself. I am in my 4th week with this medicine and I can now see my belly button when I’m standing up and looking down. I could not see it 4 weeks ago. Now my clothes fit much better and I can see my belt buckle when standing up. This medicine suppresses my appetite and I have found that’s when I experience nausea. So, I just force myself to eat something and the nausea leaves. I use the Freestyle Libre so I can keep close tabs on my glucose level. Since using this medicine, I have gone from an average scan of 204 to 125. This morning I felt so good when I woke up that danced a little bit. A long time since I’ve done that. I can’t wait for my check-up in 2 months. My doctor will be super impressed.

  81. Avatar

    On my 3rd dose, 2 @ .25 and this last one at .5. Fasting glucose has dropped from 190s to less than 120, and down 13 lbs. Loss of appetite, and full feeling after a few bites, but that’s fine for me. Nausea for a few days after taking. Have tried invokana and jardiance, both in combo with 1000mg metformin BID. Both of those drugs were giving me numbness in toes. None of that with Ozempic. Also, A1C had been gradually rising from just over 6.0 to 8+. Looking forward to more weight loss, lowered A1C and maybe getting off of metformin. I am going to switch from dosing in the morning to before bed to see if that helps with nausea. My Dr is wonderful and warned me to expect nausea and other symptoms, but advised to stop immediately if I had stomach pain, which I don’t. I was freaked about injections, but it’s actually better than a pill every day.

  82. Avatar

    Can I take Ozempic just for weight loss ??

    • Avatar

      When my glucose reading and weight matched (both in 200s) I decided I needed to do something (was 69 at the time). December 2016 I had gastric bypass surgery and lost 60 lbs. After a year I found myself being hungry a lot. When I would wake up at night (still don’t sleep well) I would be so hungry and would eat – mostly chips and crackers and all other sorts of carbs which I craved. Needless to say I gained back at least 20 of what I had fought so hard and gone through so much to lose. When I had left the hospital after the WLS I no longer needed diabetic medication. I was retested several months after surgery and no longer needed CPAP machine. I found myself back on meds (1000 mg 2x a day) for T2D and postponing my recheck with my surgeon for over a year! I knew I had to do something so I made an appointment. My weight loss clinic suggested I see someone for medical weight management which I did. She put me on OZEMPIC. While I still take the diabetic medication, my once a week shot has been like a miracle. I have been on it since April. I am happy to report that I have lost the 20lbs plus 2. I no longer binge eat anything. In fact I have to be careful what I do eat because I become full quickly and if not careful can become nauseous. I still eat some of the forbidden foods but instead of a whole sleeve of crackers I have to limit myself to 4, 6 tops. The same with chips or pretzels. I can still have some but very few. My favorite deserts can only be a few bites but the rest can be saved for another treat. I am so much happier about how I look and hope to lose another 20. My clothes are fitting again and in fact some are now too big. I no longer regret having given away the clothes I did after my WLS!!
      OZEMPIC (as well as WLS) are tools to assist in the ever ending battle against our inability to self regulate.

      • Avatar

        PS. I have to say that before I started OZEMPIC my A1C had crept back up to 8.2. Prior to this I had gotten it down to 6. I am confident my July bloodwork will be back to normal as my daily testing ranges from 90-110. Maybe I will even be able to cut my medication dosage.

  83. Avatar

    I do not have diabetes but my doctor prescribed me Ozempic for weight loss. However, the pen is 1mg per dose. I am sitting here with the injection ready to go but from what I read online – no one is starting at 1 mg dose in their first month. I am seriously doubting whether or not I should be taking this.
    Has anyone started at 1 mg dose?

  84. Avatar

    I’ve lost 8 lbs in 4 days. Four days ago was my very first dose of .25. NOT GREAT, if that’s what you are thinking! I’ve had every horrible side effect! Losing weight is what I was Rxd for, not diabetes. I will not be dosing again. If someone approached you with “How would like to lose 10 lbs in 5 days!?….just have a HORRIFIC stomach and intestinal virus for the whole five days!” Nope!

  85. Avatar

    I started on 0.25 then 0.5 now im on 1mg but since started the 1mg 4 weeks ago i am very tired and find it hard to walk up hills .i will have to go back down to the 0.5mg

  86. Avatar

    I took this once so far. I was constipated so my doctor told me to take stool softener and a laxative. I also do not like the cancer warning. My sugar has dropped which is good and I felt like I had more energy. I just don’t know what to do!?
    Any suggestions??

  87. Avatar

    I’ve been on Ozempic for about 10 weeks now, I’m down about 20lbs. I have noticed things like my heart racing a bit (nothing too crazy), VERY dehydrated (dry mouth), I just drink a LOT of water, keep active and the results have been AMAZING so far!

    I do get nausea quite a bit, the worst is that I get these “sulpher burps” which are just JOYFUL to experience *insert sarcasm here*

    I have next to no appetite which in my opinion isn’t healthy, I figured it would subside after a month or two but it has not. I’m from Canada and use medicinal Cannabis and with the two combined I been able to get my appetite back to semi normal.

    I am no longer on any insulin which is AWESOME!! Thank you for that!!

    • Avatar

      Oh! Those burps are the WORST! I’m stuck with nausea and constipation two days after the shot, but then things are back to normal. It sucks, because Day 2 is MONDAY! Ugh…

  88. Avatar

    I started Ozempic this week on .25 dose. Before I started it my morning fasting glucose was anywhere between 120 and 135. Since starting it has been in the high 140’s. This morning it was 148 and yesterday it was 146. Is it normal for it to increase before lowering? I am at a loss. I have been trying to get it below 100 in the morning. I also have noticed that 2 hours after eating it is higher than it normally is. I have been drinking the diabetic slim fast shakes. 2 hours after eating it is in the high 120’s where before taking Ozempic it was in the low 100’s. 2 hours after dinner of fish or chicken and vegetables it is in the 150’s. this just doesn’t seem right. My fasting A1C before taking Ozempic is 6.8.

  89. Avatar

    I am a type 1 diabetic. My endocrinologist recommended Ozempic. I was very leery at first but my insulin pump management just was not getting it. My blood sugar would be fine nothing to eat then it would just randomly climb to 200 to 300 sometimes even over 400. . Especially at night. I finally gave in an tried the Ozempic. I’m currently on the lowest dose and it crazy my blood sugars are so much better. Most mornings they are in range now .
    Just praying insurance will cover for a Type 1 diabetic .

  90. Avatar

    Since starting Ozempic, it’s been my experience that if I over-eat (when I’m in a hurry or distracted), I have stomach problems. If I eat approximately half of what I normally did, no problems at all. I’ll still feel a little hungry, but it goes away in a few minutes, and I’ve lost 14 pounds since starting thee months ago.

  91. Avatar

    The only issue I’m having is the nausea, to the point I throw up, and constipation. But, the weird thing is, this doesn’t happen each week.

    What do the rest of you do for the nausea? I’m not eating at all on the day that I’m feeling off; lots of peppermint Altoids and cold water.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.

  92. Avatar

    I just started Ozempic on Wednesday. I felt a wee bit nauseated on Thursday but a ginger pill got rid of it. Almost immediately my appetite has shut down. I was hungry all the time before being prescribed Ozempic. I’m eating low carb and my blood sugar has so far gone from 178 down to 148 in 3 days and I’ve lost 3 pounds. It feels like water weight but who knows. No issues except the very mild nausea. The injection is completely painless (and I’m terrified of needles). I’ll report in after a month.

  93. Avatar

    Is there a better worse injection site for Ozempic. I’ve been injecting in my thighs, but wonder if stomach injections would be more effective or would they possibly cause more gas, etc? Any thoughts or experiences?
    Thanks very much.

  94. Avatar

    I have been on Ozempic for almost 12 weeks. I did not notice alot of side affects at first, then the stomach pain, severe nausea and a few headaches started. It has all eased off but I still have a loss of appetite, some slight stomach pains and feel fatigued. After watching what I am eating, I’m noticing my foods are causing some of it, so I’m adjusting the foods again to help. I am currently down 26 lbs and getting my confidence back. For some reason, I do feel sore all over in my muscles and tender to the touch as if I’m bruised. not really sure why, but my doctor will be checking for any low vitamins when I go back just to be sure. I would recommend this drug, and actually have. My sister-in-law is a severe diabetic and starting going to my doctor for this medicine, She has already lost 15 lbs and is feeling better than she has in years. She is just now on week 6.

  95. Avatar

    Does ozempic help with lowering cholesterol

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