Dose of Dr. E: How to Save a Life with Glucagon

Everyone with type 1 diabetes should have a glucagon kit and know how to use it. Glucagon quickly raises blood sugars if you’re having an extreme low. The current glucagon kit is a little complicated to use, so Dr. Edelman shows us how it’s done and fills us in on new glucagon products coming soon that will be much easier.  Be sure to share this with your loved ones!

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    This was a great update ! Thank you !

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    Thank you. I didn’t realize that there was an expiration date and mine was outdated.

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    looking forward to the new products coming to market soon! Thanks for the refresher course! I sent this to my son’s roommate for his review.

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    My husband (Type 1 for 56 years now) recently had a severe low and was unconscious. I administered a shot of Glucagon and after 15 minutes he was still unconscious so I called 911. He was just starting to come around when they arrived, they administered glucose and all was well. My question is…how long does it typically take for the Glucagon to work? Should I have had a second shot on hand to give him or was the next step glucose?

    • Sorry to hear about your husband. Glucagon does work within 10 minutes, but this may not be consistent depending on how fast the blood glucose was going and how low it was. It is important that while you wait for him to come around, you make sure he does not bite or swallow his tongue. Make sure the glucagon is not expired and only give glucose if he is awake and can swallow. I sure hope he gets a CGM ASAP! I need to say it again… Get a CGM asap! Good luck!

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    Thank you. We have a Dexcom G5, the alert failed or we were both sleeping so soundly we didn’t hear it. 🙁

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      You’re welcome Becky. We hope this video in particular is helpful to a lot of people, and we’re anxious for the new glucagon options to come to market.

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