Getting to Know mySugr

mySugr specializes in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes – made by people with diabetes. Their apps, services, and access to the world’s best diabetes coaching at the tap of a finger all work together to ease the daily grind of living with diabetes.

mySugr’s motto of “make diabetes suck less” grabbed our attention during their U.S. launch back in 2013. These folks have a different attitude, that’s for sure! Now that their U.S. office is nearby in San Diego, we thought you’d like to hear their story too.

Where It Started

The mySugr idea was born in 2010 by four co-founders in Vienna, Austria. Smartphones were still pretty new, the first tablets just hit the scene, and the diabetes industry felt stuck in a gloomy place. Two of the co-founders live with diabetes and they felt frustrated by existing diabetes management solutions in the app stores. They were bursting with ideas and motivated to reinvent the entire journey of diabetes management. Early on, they realized that this vision would have to start with an app that created a great user experience.

Why? Because people with diabetes shouldn’t have to settle for less. There are great apps in other areas of our lives, diabetes software should be great too! The founders started building their dream – an app and service that simplifies the daily chores of living with diabetes. An app that solves basic therapy problems and is also fun to use. The idea continued to blossom, and in April of 2012, they launched the first version of the mySugr app in Europe.

In June of 2013 at ADA’s 73rd Scientific Sessions in Chicago, mySugr launched their app in the United States. Their playful and light-hearted approach to dealing with diabetes earned widespread approval very quickly. Today, over 1.4 million people with diabetes trust mySugr to help them with their diabetes management. Now available in 61 countries and in 17 languages, mySugr continues to support even more people with diabetes around the world. Likewise, the mySugr experience continues to evolve. Rapid iteration and frequent releases bring new device integrations, the latest diabetes science, and new learnings to their service on a regular basis.

A Unique Mix of Talent and Expertise

It’s all about creating the highest possible value for people with diabetes at mySugr. To do so, they combine and integrate many disciplines of craft and science (medical devices, mobile apps, regulatory expertise, delivery of physical goods, human coaches, big data analytics, psychology, diabetes expertise…), they venture deeply into new technologies (closed-loop, machine learning…) and they deliver the results through a clear and empowering user experience.

Today, mySugr is a smart, brave, and edgy company with over 100 employees across their offices based in Vienna, Austria, and San Diego, California. Their mission and motto of “make diabetes suck less” makes it clear what they’re about and is a perfect summary of their fun style.

mySugr’s latest project is the mySugr Bundle which is a subscription service that gives you personalized diabetes coaching from a certified diabetes educator and an unlimited supply of test strips automatically delivered right to your door.

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