Burned Out by Diabetes? Maybe It’s Time for a Tune-Up!


Are you and your diabetes ready for a new adventure in 2020? On Tuesday night, January 7, BDI’s Diabetes Tune-Up, a six-month group program (this will be a once-a-month evening meeting) in San Diego will begin. In this program, Drs. Polonsky, Guzman and Nouhi will be helping you to get back on track with diabetes. So if you are feeling tired, frustrated or overwhelmed with diabetes, or worried about complications, or struggling with how to fit diabetes into your life, or feeling that family and friends just don’t seem to understand, then Diabetes Tune-Up might be right for you. Join us for a no-obligation, introductory evening on Tuesday, January 7, 6:30 – 8:00 pm at BDI World HQ (5405 Oberlin Drive, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121). We will discuss the emotional side of diabetes, present practical real-life strategies to help you manage life with diabetes more easily and successfully, and—for those who are interested—describe the Diabetes Tune-Up program. All adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and their loved ones are invited to the FREE introductory event on January 7! For more information, contact us at info@behavioraldiabetes.org.
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    Can you make the January 7th San Diego program a webcast call in program so that out of state T1D’s can sign in? We’re always in need of T1D tune-ups whoever and wherever we are!

    • Oh, I wish we could turn our Tune-Up program into a webcast! Though we can’t do that right now, we have been actively looking for funding to do so. With a little luck , we will be successful and we can turn this into a webcast sometime in 2020. Stay tuned. And thanks for asking!

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    I have understood that Dr. has came upwith a pill form that can cure diebetes if this is true why is not avable look how much pain and money this would save most people with 1 and 2 diebetes a better life . I heard that big Pharma has sued dr Ozz what is the truth about ? Gerald varner .

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      Unfortunately there is no cure for type 1 or type 2 yet, although there are currently very good ways to treat them.

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    I read your by-line: Type 2 Diabetes Revolution: The New Algorithm for type 2. July 15. I wonder if you have a written discussion on this. I am almost 90, type 2, on dialysis, WWII vet. July 15 is so far away.
    Stan Yalof
    Escondido CA

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