PDF Download Instructions for e-readers:

Click above link to access your online-based digital e-book.  Scroll until you find the button that says “Email PDF Version” and click it.

Enter your email address you’d like to have the PDF sent to and click “Submit Request.”

From your iPad or iPhone, check your email and look for an email from Professional Communications with the subject line “E-Book Download – Taking Control of Your Diabetes.”  Check your spam folder if you don’t see the email within a minute or two.

Open the email and click the “Download” button.

This will open the PDF within your email previewer.  To save it to your iBooks library, click on the “Safari” icon.

This will open the PDF in Safari (your internet browser). Click the Share icon.  Then scroll over to and select “Copy to iBooks.”

That’s it!  You’ve saved a PDF copy of the book to your iBooks library that you can now use an access like any other digital book in your library.  You don’t need to be connected to the internet to read it.

Happy reading!