Apple just announced a major upgrade for Dexcom and Apple Watch

“An exciting nugget of information for Dexcom users was hidden among more eye-catching announcements during yesterday’s Keynote Address at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Jose. Near the end of his preview of the upcoming watchOS 4 software update for Apple Watch, Kevin Lynch (VP of Technology at Apple) briefly showed a slide that included Dexcom’s CGM watchface. He stated

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What could Apple’s “super secret” diabetes project be?

News broke earlier today from CNBC’s Christina Farr that Apple, Inc. has a small team of engineers working on creating sensors that can “non-invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels to better treat diabetes”. The project is allegedly far enough along in development that Apple is investigating possible regulatory pathways and performing feasibility trials at clinical sites in the Bay

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Medicare announces coverage criteria for Dexcom G5, but blocks use of smartphones?

Coming sooner than expected, Medicare recently clarified coverage criteria for the Dexcom G5, paving the way for Medicare to reimburse for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes requiring intensive insulin dosing to use the Dexcom G5 mobile. Dexcom and the diabetes community heralded the exciting news, as the lack of CGM coverage for Medicare patients had previously

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Our Guide to Diabetes Apps for iPhone and Android

The App Store is crowded with diabetes apps for both iPhone and Android, but how do you know which ones to choose? That’s why we tested them out and created a list of our favorites.

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How to use watchSugar to view Dexcom on Apple Watch home screen

Indie app developer (and Type 1 PWD) Adam Wolf has come to the rescue and released watchSugar for iPhone and Apple Watch, which adds a complication to view blood sugar and trend information from your CGM directly on the watch face. From some preliminary testing, it works exactly as promised!

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Dexcom G5 CGM, iPhone, and Apple Watch: Your Questions Answered

Dexcom's G5 CGM Syncs to iPhone

Dexcom released their highly-anticipated G5 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for diabetes in September 2015. As the first CGM (ever!) that transmits glucose data directly to the iPhone, there’s been a lot of excitement about the revolutionary new device. There’s also been a LOT of questions, and we’ve collected official (and unofficial) answers to all of them.

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New Apple Watch update brings improvements for diabetes

The Apple Watch first arrived to much fanfare exactly six months ago.  Despite some sensational headlines in mainstream press and Dexcom’s bold efforts to fully support the Apple Watch with the Share platform, the overall user experience for people with diabetes was tolerable at best, due to limitations in the aptly-title watchOS (the Apple Watch’s operating system).

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