Is Gluten-Free the Way to Be?

These days it seems like you can’t wander down a grocery aisle or peruse a restaurant menu without seeing all kinds of gluten-free products. So you aren’t in the minority if you are asking yourself, “What is gluten? And should I be eating this stuff?”

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Sugar Surfing

You can’t stop the waves of fluctuating blood glucose levels but you can learn to surf. For those considering or already using Continuous Glucose Monitoring, this talk is for you. Dr. Stephen Ponder, a pediatric endocrinologist and a type 1 himself, takes you beyond the basics and shows you a better way to manage your blood glucose levels. He debunks the myths surrounding classic diabetes management while teaching you a better way. Watch him “Hang Ten”!

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Bolusing: Accounting For Fats & Proteins

The practice of bolusing for just carbs is plain wrong. Yep, we said it! You may not realize that proteins and fats also raise your glucose values but at different rates. Howard will explain to us how different nutrients affect our glucose values and more importantly, how to bolus for them.

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