Friends of TCOYD

TCOYD invites special guests to speak at local and national events to share their inspirational stories of living with diabetes.

  • Ben Vereen Ben Vereen
    Singer, Dancer, and Actor living well with diabetes

  • Billy MIlls Billy Mills
    Olympic Gold Medalist, Living well with diabetes

  • Bo Irvine Bo Irvine
    Stand-Up Comedian - Inspirational Speaker - Risk Management Specialist "Hawaiian King of Comedy"

  • Bobby Deen Bobby Deen
    Celebrity Chef, Host of Cooking Channel's "Not My Mama's Meals"

  • Charlie Kimball Charlie Kimball
    IZOD Indy Car Driver

  • Crystal Bowersox Crystal Bowersox
    American Idol Runner-up; Living well with diabetes

  • Della Reese Della Reese
    Singer, Actor, Author, Minister, Living well with diabetes

  • Dominique Wilkins Dominique Wilkins
    "The Human Highlight Film," nine-time NBA All-Star and the heart and soul of the Atlanta Hawks

  • Doug Burns Doug Burns
    Mr. Universe; Living well with diabetes

  • Doug Cairns Doug Cairns
    Pilot, Living well with diabetes

  • Drew Lacapa Drew Lacapa
    (Apache Hopi Tewa) comedian and actor, New Mexico

  • Frank De Lima Frank De Lima
    Portuguese Prince of Hawaii Comedy; Living well with diabetes

  • Jerry Mathers Jerry Mathers
    Actor, Living well with diabetes

  • Jerry Reynolds Jerry Reynolds
    Coach, Author, Broadcaster

  • Joe Piscatella Joe Piscatella
    Founder and President of the Institute for Fitness & Health, Author, Speaker

  • Image Kim Lyons
    Fitness expert, Professional Trainer and Certified Nutritionist

  • Image Natalie Strand, MD
    2010 Winner, The Amazing Race

  • Nicole Johnson Nicole Johnson, MA, MPH

  • Phil Southerland Phil Southerland
    Professional Cyclist, Founder, Team Type 1

  • Image Robert Lewis
    The Happy Diabetic

  • Sam Choy Sam Choy
    Hawaii's Cooking Ambassador

  • Urban Miyares Urban Miyares
    Veteran, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, living well with diabetes

  • Will Cross Will Cross
    World Class Mountain Climber