Extreme Diabetes Makeover Series

Join us as we follow Jerry Lund, a 64 year old man, for months ago on September 26th, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. On that day, for the first time in his entire life, Jerry realized he was not just "husky", "a little overweight", or that he needed to go on a diet. He realized he was extremely obese, a type 2 diabetic and things needed to change. Follow us as we follow Jerry through his "awakening" as he calls it, and his journey through the next year of his life!

Starting Stats
September 26, 2012
Weight: 266
Fasting Blood Sugar: 180
A1C: 9.0
BP: 180/110
Total Cholesterol: 200 LDL: 126

Episode 1
January 4, 2013
Weight: 220- 46 pounds lost
Fasting Blood Sugar: 93
A1C: 6.3
BP: 150/90
Total Cholesterol: 156 LDL: 99

Current Stats: Episode 2
February 4, 2013
Weight: 208- 58 pounds lost
A1C: 6.3
BP: 145/90
Total Cholesterol: 159 LDL: 99
Episode 3: June 8, 2013