TCOYD Conference & Health Fair - Santa Clara, CA

MARCH 30, 2019

Cutting Edge Treatments

Cutting Edge Treatments


Expert Speakers


Interactive health Fair


Inspiring Education


Complimentary Lunch


For Type 1s, Type 2s & Those Who Care


Saturday, March 30, 2019
7:30am – Registration & Health Fair Open
9:00am – 5:00pm – Conference


Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95054

How Much:

Thru March 26, 2019: $25 per person.

($20 per person when two or more are registering together.)

At the Door: $35 per person.

Parking info here.

Want to attend but can’t afford the registration fee? Contact our office at 800.998.2693 and ask about our Registration Assistance Program.


Mid-Morning Snack: Apple & String Cheese

Lunch: Chicken Fajita Salad

Dessert: Creamy Lime Mousse

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The most cutting-edge information
for individuals with



  • EXPERT Speakers
  • LEADING Diabetes Doctors, Specialists & Researchers
  • Interactive & Innovative HEALTH FAIR
  • One-on-One “ASK AN EXPERT” Sit Downs
  • Delicious & Healthy LUNCH Included



Expert Speakers & Informative Presentations/Workshops – A rare opportunity to get educated by the nations leading experts in diabetes care and mangement.

Important Health Screenings – A variety of complimentary health screenings available in the TCOYD Health Fair, including foot, eye, blood pressure & more.

Ask A Specialist – Sit down with a diabetes specialist & get your questions answered. Doctors, diabetes educators, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists & more!

Exhibitor Booths – Interact & engage with state-of-the-art device companies, innovative pharmaceuticals, local support programs & healthy lifestyle options.

Fun Fitness – Learn fun ways to be active without the gym!

A Delicious & Healthy Lunch – Sit and connect with other’s who have type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


Tips for Type 1s: Given by Real World Type 1s

Not Your Boring Pump Talk

Treatments for Type 1 Other Than Insulin

Avoiding Meal Spikes, From What to Eat to When to Inject

CGM: The Greatest Advancement Since the Discovery of Insulin

Diabetes is About to Get Easier: The Artificial Pancreas is Almost Here!


An Explosion of Type 2 Treatments

Hey, Every BODY Can Exercise!

Cooking Class with Chef Lewis

We’re Loving These New Diabetes Medications…Stable Blood Sugars, Weight Loss & Healthier Hearts

Why Weight? Weighing Medical & Surgical Options

Home Glucose and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) for Type 2s

Fun Foot Facts and the Latest on Neuropathy

Getting Our Signals Crossed: What Do Patients and Providers Get Wrong about Each Other?

“I always learn something new that I can take home and use. This conference gives me the encouragement that I need so I can do well with my diabetes.”

– Conference Participant 2017

Meet People Like YOU!

Share your own experience & learn from others!

Be Part of Something BIG

We literally fill the room with people ready to take control of their diabetes!

You Ask, We ANSWER!

Get one-one-one time with diabetes educators and specialists.

TCOYD Conference Schedule

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[mpc_tabs tabs_h_align=”center” active_tab=”0″ decor_line=”true” decor_color=”#dddddd” decor_active=”#75cdde” decor_size=”2″ decor_gap=”5″ font_color=”#6b6b6b” font_size=”16″ font_line_height=”1.75″ font_transform=”none” font_align=”left” content_padding_divider=”true” content_padding_css=”padding-top:20px;padding-right:0px;padding-left:0px;” padding_css=”padding:30px;” margin_divider=”true” margin_css=”margin-right:10px;margin-left:20px;” mpc_button__font_color=”#333333″ mpc_button__font_size=”18″ mpc_button__font_transform=”capitalize” mpc_button__font_align=”center” mpc_button__padding_divider=”true” mpc_button__padding_css=”padding-bottom:10px;” mpc_button__hover_font_color=”#75cdde” mpc_button__hover_background_effect=”expand-horizontal” button_margin_divider=”true” button_margin_css=”margin-right:20px;”][mpc_tab title=”MORNING SESSIONS” tab_id=”1515736321-1-794d22-9b57″]
7:30AM - 9:00AMRegistration/Check-In & Health Fair Open
9:00AM - 9:10AMWelcome & Introduction
Bruce Buckingham, MD; Mark Christiansen, MD; Todd Kaye, MD; Shylaja Srinivasan, MD; and Craig Wargon, DPM
9:10AM - 10:10AMConquering Diabetes…I Get a Good Feeling
Steven V. Edelman, MD
10:10AM - 10:40AMDiabetes for the Encouraged and Discouraged
William Polonsky, PhD, CDE
10:40AM - 11:30AMExplore The TCOYD Health Fair
Visit our bustling health fair, enjoy a little snack & some refreshing beverages.



[/mpc_tab][mpc_tab title=”TYPE 1 TRACK” tab_id=”1515736321-2-684d22-9b57″]
11:30AM - 12:30PMThe Newlywed Game Featuring Type 1s with their Significant Others
Jeremy Pettus, MD; Kerri Sparling; plus type 1 panelists and their spouses
12:30PM - 1:30PMLuncheon
Enjoy a complimentary, delicious & healthy lunch with other type 1s who totally get you!
1:30PM - 2:15PMAfternoon Workshops A - Select Your Favorite Topic & Attend

I Admit It, I Inhale! Inhaled and Other Newer Insulins
Jeremy Pettus, MD

Preventing and Treating Complications: Eyes, Kidneys and Nerves
Rayhan Lal, MD

Type 1 Treatments Other Than Insulin
Roseanne Rogers, MD

Diabetes Burnout
Korey Hood, PhD
2:30PM - 3:15PMAfternoon Workshops B - Select Your Favorite Topic & Attend

I’m Super Sweet. My A1c Is Too High and I Don't Know Where to Start!
Tricia Santos, MD

Kerri’s Corner: A Safe Place to Talk about the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Side of Diabetes
Kerri Sparling

Alcohol and Marijuana: How Do They Effect Your Blood Sugars?
Korey Hood, PhD

Using your CGM to Manage the Highs and Lows
Mark Christiansen, MD
3:15PM - 3:30PMAfternoon Break & Visit Health Fair
Spend some more time in the TCOYD Health Fair
3:30PM - 4:30PMThe Artificial Pancreas: Including DIY Versions
Jeremy Pettus, MD and Rayhan Lal, MD



[/mpc_tab][mpc_tab title=”TYPE 2 TRACK” tab_id=”1515736726162-2-04d22-9b57″]
11:30AM - 11:50AMTips for Type 2s from Real World Type 2s
Tricia Santos, MD; Chef Robert Lewis; and additional type 2 panelists from the community
12:15PM - 12:30PMHey, Every BODY Can Exercise!
Jeanette DePatie
12:30PM - 1:30PMLuncheon
Enjoy a complimentary, delicious & healthy lunch with other type 2s who totally get you!
2:00PM - 3:00PMAfternoon Workshops A - Select Your Favorite Topic & Attend

The Heart of the Matter: Cardiovascular Care
Juan Pablo Frias, MD

Cooking Class with Chef Lewis
Chef Robert Lewis

New Type 2 Treatments, Including Insulin Options
Todd Kaye, MD
3:00PM - 3:30PMAfternoon Break & Visit Health Fair
Spend some more time in the TCOYD Health Fair
3:30PM - 4:25PMAfternoon Workshops B - Select Your Favorite Topic & Attend

Be Sweet to Your Feet: Footcare and Neuropathy
Craig Wargon, DPM

Sugar Ain’t Always Sweet: Learn How Sugar Affects Your Body
Mary Toscano

Getting Our Signals Crossed:
What Do Patients and Providers Get Wrong about Each Other?

William Polonsky, PhD, CDE, and Steven V. Edelman, MD

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) for Type 2s
Tricia Santos, MD



[/mpc_tab][mpc_tab title=”ACTIVITY SESSIONS” tab_id=”1534888374958-7″]
10:40AM – 11:30AM / 1:30PM-3:30PMExercise for Every BODY and Moving Meditation
Jeanette DePattie
1:30PM - 3:30PMAsk A Specialist
Endocrinologists, Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Nurses, Pharmacists, And More!
1:30PM - 3:30PMFree Screenings
Foot Screening, Eye Screening, Blood Pressure Screening, And More!




[/mpc_tab][mpc_tab title=”CLOSING SESSIONS” tab_id=”1515737714978-94d22-9b57″]
4:30PM - 5:00PMBalancing Diabetes: A Conversation About Finding Happiness and Living Well
Kerri Sparling
5:00PM - 5:05PMDrawing & Wrap Up
Stay to the very end for your chance to win a fabulous TCOYD Swag Bag full of fabulous gifts.





Online & telephone registration for this conference is closed, but you can still attend...

Just show up on the day of event!


Speakers & Faculty

*extra-relatable faculty (they’re living with type 1)


*Steven V. Edelman, MD
TCOYD Founder & Director

Dr. Edelman is the founder and director of Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD), a professor of medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System of San Diego. He is also the director of the Diabetes Care Clinic at the VA Medical Center. Dr. Edelman, who has type 1 diabetes himself, has written more than 200 articles, five books, and has won numerous awards for teaching and humanitarianism. He has been chosen by the medical students at UCSD as the ‘teacher of the year’ numerous times. Among his many honors, Dr. Edelman has received the ‘Diabetes Educator Of The Year’ award by the American Diabetes Association, the ‘Distinction in Endocrinology’ award by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and named ‘Top 1% of U.S. Endocrinologists’ by US News and World Report.

*Jeremy Pettus, MD
Type 1 Track and Professional Education Director, Endocrinologist, Associate Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine

Dr. Jeremy Pettus was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 15 years old.  Since that time he has dedicated his career to educating and treating others like himself.  He is currently an Endocrinologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego.  There, he focuses primarily on clinical trials to develop and test new and innovative therapies for people living with diabetes.  These include studies ranging from medications to reverse or slow the disease once it occurs, to islet cell transplantation strategies, to device studies such as artificial pancreas technology.  As somebody who has the disease himself, sees patients with type 1, and is actively working on curing/treating the disease, we are honored to have him as our Type 1 Track director.  Dr. Pettus travels across the country and the world meeting other leading physicians and scientists and brings this information directly to TCOYD conference participants.

Tricia Santos, MD
Type 2 Track Co-Director, Endocrinologist, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine

Dr. Santos did her endocrinology training under Dr. Edelman who sparked a love for all things diabetes and always kept things both “educational & entertaining.” Now she is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSD where she wears many different hats. She has a special interest in caring for diabetic patients and helping them take a more active role in managing their diabetes. She directs the Diabetes & Endocrinology courses at the UCSD School of Medicine. She also teaches doctors in training and primary care physicians where she focuses on the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and involving the patient in medical decision making. Her love of teaching patients, students, and doctors has been recognized by several teaching awards. Her research focuses on investigating new and advanced therapies and technology for people with diabetes.

*Chef Robert Lewis

Chef Robert Lewis graduated from the Prestigious Culinary Institute of America in 1976. In 1998 he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Thus began his motivation to create great tasting dishes that are easy to prepare. Chef Robert is a nationally recognized author, public speaker and spokesperson for all people affected with diabetes. He travels the country speaking on the benefits of healthy eating not only for people affected with diabetes, but also for anyone who would like to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. Robert has worked with Al Roker, Ben Vereen, Richard Simmons, Ann Curry, Indy car racer Charlie Kimble, The Amazing Race Winner Nat Strand and many others! He's also been been featured in Diabetes Health Monitor, Diabetes Health magazine, USA Today, The Radish and Diabetic Living Magazine and more. Check out the Chef’s podcast “The Happy Diabetic Kitchen” Chef Robert Lewis The Happy Diabetic Turning Ordinary Ingredients into something Extraordinary

Bruce Buckingham, MD
Pediatric Endocrinologist, Professor, Med Center Line, Stanford University Medical Center

*Kerri Sparling
Writer and Author, Type 1 Since 1986

Kerri is a passionate advocate for all-things diabetes. She is the creator and author of Six Until Me, one of the first and most widely-read diabetes patient blogs, reaching a global audience of patients and caregivers. Her first book, Balancing Diabetes (Spry Publishing), looks at type 1 diabetes in the context of “real life.” Kerri has lived with diabetes for 30 years. She has experienced a full childhood, the teen years, the college experience, and now pregnancy and parenting, with diabetes along for the ride. Kerri aims to spread a message of hope versus fear through the power of social media, advocacy, and storytelling.

Kerri’s participation is part of Tandem Diabetes Care’s Live Life in Full Color speaker series.

Shylaja Srinivasan, MD
Pediatric Endocrinologist, University of California, San Francisco

Craig Wargon, DPM
Podiatrist, Medical Director of The Technology Group, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center


*Steven V. Edelman, MD, Endocrinologist, Founder & Director TCOYD, Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, VA Medical Center San Diego

*Jeremy Pettus, MD, Endocrinologist, Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine

Tricia Santos, MD, Endocrinologist, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of MedicineLocal Co-Directors

Bruce Buckingham, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist, Professor, Med Center Line, Stanford University Medical Center

Mark Christiansen, MD, Co-Medical Director, Endocrinologist, Diablo Clinical Research

Todd Kaye, MD, Endocrinologist, Mountain View Center, Sutter Health

Shylaja Srinivasan, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist, University of California, San Francisco

Craig Wargon, DPM, Podiatrist; Medical Director of The Technology Group, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Juan Pablo Frias, MD, CEO, Principal Investigator, National Research Institute

*Korey Hood, PhD, Professsor, Departments of Pediatrics and Psychiatry & Behavioral  Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine

* Rayhan Lal, MD, Endocrinologist Fellow , Stanford Medicine

Mary Toscano, Nutrition Educator, Author, Sweet Fire: Sugar, Diabetes & Your Health

*Roseanne Rogers, MD, FAAP, Santa Clara Chief of Information Technology, Department of Pediatrics, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Jeanette DePatie, Plus-Sized Fitness Guru, Certified Fitness Instructor

Wind Jeng-Yun Chen, PharmD, Pharmacist, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Tam Doan, PharmD, BC-ADM, CDE, Pharmacist, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Kim Lau, PharmD, CDE, Diabetes Care Manager, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Trinh Nguyen, NP, Nurse Practitioner, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Barbara Reis, RD, CDE, Dietitian, San Ramon Regional Medical Center

Tien Vu, PharmD, CDE, Pharmacist, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Lee Yu, RN, CDE, Nurse, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Susan Yu, PharmD, CDE, Diabetes Care Manager, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Additional Specialists from the Community

Aziz Rasooli, DPM, Podiatrist, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group, Santa Cruz Foot and Ankle Fellowship

Craig Wargon, DPM, Podiatrist, Medical Director of The Technology Group, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Additional Podiatrists from the Community

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