New Standards of Care in Diabetes: What You and Your Doctor NEED To Know

…With Expert Endocrinologists (Living well with T1D!) Steven V. Edelman, MD; and Jeremy Pettus, MD
Did you know there is a universal guide that every healthcare provider refers to when treating their patients with diabetes? The 2024 American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes was just published and we are discussing key points that you as a person living with diabetes should know about!
Join us for a journey into the heart of diabetes care, where your knowledge meets action and empowerment. Let’s embrace health together!
Event title: TCOYD® LIVE PLUS: New Standards of Care in Diabetes


Diabetes and Liver Disease
“What to Know about MASLD and MASH: Two Liver Conditions that Can Affect People with Diabetes”
Nutrition Know-How for Taking a Newer Injectable Type 2 Diabetes Medication
“Gain Nutrition Know-How to Successfully Take a Newer Injectable Type 2 Diabetes Medication”
Type 1 Diabetes Screening
“I Screen You Screen…Why Everyone Should Be Screened for T1D”


If you take insulin or sulfonylureas, your blood sugar could drop too low. Low blood sugar emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and demand quick action. You need a safety net when it matters most. Be ready with Gvoke HypoPen® (glucagon injection), a ready-to-use rescue pen for very low blood sugar in people with diabetes ages 2 and above. Gvoke® shouldn’t be used if you have a tumor in the gland on top of your kidneys, called pheochromocytoma, or if you have a tumor in your pancreas called insulinoma- visit for more safety information.