How to Take a Pump-Cation During Summer Vacation

A Dose of Drs. E+P: How to Take an Insulin Pump Vacation

Beach vacations, pool parties, impromptu cannonballs….sometimes you just need a break from your pump so you can dive into a pool without worry. Or maybe you want to change up your diabetes routine, or maybe your pump fails and you need to go on MDI for a while. Whatever the reason, taking a pump vacation is entirely doable. Drs. E+P explain what you need to know to do it safely and successfully.

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Glucagon Updates You NEED to Know, Including Mini-Dosing!

Dose of Drs E+P on Glucagon

For years and years (and years), the “red suitcase” was the main glucagon rescue kit most people with type 1 diabetes had stashed somewhere in case of emergency. Thankfully, we now have two newer glucagon options that are much easier to administer. Drs. E+P explain how to use each one, and they discuss the research and off-label mini-dose glucagon experiments people are conducting that may be a mirror into the future.

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A Dose of Drs. E+P: 2024 New Year’s Resolutions to NOT Keep!

New Year's Resolutions We're Not Going to Keep

It’s not like us to follow the crowd, so we’re flipping the script on New Year’s resolutions since they usually just make us feel like a failure by February 1st. We’re taking the pressure off this year and going for some small-ish, positive-ish changes we know we can make. Here are our resolutions – and more importantly our non-resolutions – for 2024.

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Thank You for Making a Difference!

As we near the end of 2023, Drs. E+P would like to thank you for being part of the TCOYD community and helping in our mission to educate, motivate, and empower people with diabetes around the world. Your support has improved the lives of millions of people, including many who don’t have regular access to diabetes education and resources. With your help, we’ve reached over 10 million people from 50 states and over 200 countries this year, and we plan to reach even more people in 2024.

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This Diabetes Awareness Month, Don’t Forget about the Things You Do RIGHT!

A Dose of Dr. E and P

How often do you celebrate your wins with diabetes? Have you ever? Take a moment and pat yourself on the back for all the things you manage on a daily basis. Woke up with a decent blood sugar? Nailed a bolus? Took a walk around the block instead of watching Seinfeld? Drs. E+P remind us how important it is to celebrate our victories, big and small.

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Diabetes Breakfasts: Thinking Outside the (Cereal) Box!

Diabetes Breakfasts

No offense to Tony the Tiger, but breakfast cereals aren’t always “GRRREAT”! In fact, many cereals and other common breakfast foods are loaded with carbs and sugar. So how can we break our fast without also spiking our blood sugar? Drs. E+P offer several diabetes-friendly breakfast ideas and easy substitutions of old favorites to get the day started off on the right foot.

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