Glucagon Updates You NEED to Know, Including Mini-Dosing!

Dose of Drs E+P on Glucagon

For years and years (and years), the “red suitcase” was the main glucagon rescue kit most people with type 1 diabetes had stashed somewhere in case of emergency. Thankfully, we now have two newer glucagon options that are much easier to administer. Drs. E+P explain how to use each one, and they discuss the research and off-label mini-dose glucagon experiments people are conducting that may be a mirror into the future.

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Dexcom Stelo: The First Over-the-Counter CGM for Type 2 Diabetes Gets FDA Approval

Dexcom Stelo

Up until now, it’s been difficult for people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or those not on inulin, to get CGM covered by insurance. Thanks to the FDA’s recent approval of Dexcom Stelo – a CGM that can be purchased over-the-counter without a prescription – people with type 2 diabetes who are not on insulin will now be able to benefit from invaluable CGM technology.

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Let’s Make This Personal…How Your Next Experience with Diabetes Education Could be a Game-Changer!

Type 2 Diabetes Research Study

Were you diagnosed with type 2 diabetes less than five years ago, live anywhere in the U.S. and your last A1C was 7.5% or higher? If so, our friends at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute are conducting a research study examining how innovative new approaches to diabetes education might help to improve glucose outcomes and quality of life outcomes over a six-month period of time.

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Gain Nutrition Know-How to Successfully Take a Newer Injectable Type 2 Diabetes Medication

Nutrition Know-How for Taking a Newer Injectable Type 2 Diabetes Medication

The newer injectable type 2 diabetes medications can help lower glucose levels and A1c, improve overall diabetes management, and promote weight loss. However, it’s important to make nutritional adjustments while on these medications in order to have long-term success.

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How Diabetes Tech Can Help This Patient with Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. E's Case Study

Dr. Edelman’s patient has been living with type 2 diabetes for many years, and unfortunately he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. His CGM does not automatically provide readings, and he’s forgetting to take his mealtime insulin so his blood sugars are running high. Dr. Edelman offered a few ideas that his patient and caregivers can implement to help bring his blood sugars into a healthier range.

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Higher Dose Basal Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes: Challenges and Solutions

Challenges with Higher Dose Basal Insulin Dosing

Taking large basal insulin doses consistently can be tough. Have you ever had your insulin pen stop before you finished loading your dose? Have you ever had a hard time remembering to even take it? CDCES Meg Munoz offers tips on working with your doctor to address your basal insulin needs.

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