Founder & Director
e: steve@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 101

Did you know Steve could be in a staff meeting, on a conference call and in an airplane all at the same time? Thank goodness he is immune to jetlag and is never off the clock. Even with all of this work, though, he still finds time to have fun as an aspiring doodle artist & prank caller. PS – He’s also been a type 1 since he was 15.  CV  |  Disclosures 


Executive Director/Director of Marketing & Communications 
e: brittany@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 102

Have you heard the buzz about our life changing virtual events?? If you have, it’s thanks to this gal! Brittany grinds out her work and still has time for the gym and happy hour #bossbitch. She’s our zesty old soul with a love for travel, biscuits and gravy, and spicy margaritas. In her free time, catch her drinking mas cervezas at the beach, sunbathing on a beach in Costa Rica or…well you get it, she likes the beach.



Director, Meeting Services
AKA: Master Manifester
e: michelle@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 103

In her professional life she is a master event planner, making conferences run like well-oiled machines without breaking a sweat, and making lackluster brochures shine like diamond rings. In her personal life, only she could meet a grasshopper in the morning who teaches her yoga in the evening, or casually meet a world-famous author au natural in a hot tub. Michelle smiles for miles with her great work-life balance.


Content Coordinator 
AKA: The All-Star
e: lynne@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 104

Lynne is freaking amazing at everything. Need an instant cheerer upper? Go visit Lynne. She will make you forget all your troubles with her infectious smile and calm personality. She is always positive, happy, and bright mixed with an insane work ethic and a creative streak that will last until the next century. Lynne is that irreplaceable gem every organization is hoping to find.


Manager, Creative Development
AKA: Pittie Mama
e: tabitha@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 107

This rocking gal has a heart of gold and posh sense for all things creative. When Tabitha is not dreaming up and developing our entire creative landscape, you can find her hoppin’ around local indie breweries, or advocating for her babies (her dogs…and all pit bull-type dogs!) with other not-for-profits around the U.S. No matter how busy Tab is, she finds the time to create relationships and friendships.


Manager, Health Fairs & Donor Relations
AKA: Mr. Good Luck Charm
e: joe@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 109

Joe is as chivalrous as they come. He’s kind, hysterical and loves to prank his peeps with a good “scare-cam”! Joe takes the time to understand both exhibitors’ and his co-workers’ needs (whoa…not like that!). He is also our wild child with unstoppable energy and a passion for photography, who keeps the office on its toes with his wit and Ken-doll smile. Dreamy, ain’t he?


e: julie@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 108

Julie is our office ninja (so much so, she won’t even let us capture her picture!). She takes care of all the important stuff like paychecks and finances… She is full of grace and poise and is continuously sending good juju to her TCOYD® family members whenever life knocks them around. Flowers here, a cafe au lait there, all quietly behind the scenes…AKA irreplaceable!


Director, TCOYD® Productions
e: erik@tcoyd.org  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 105

He’s baaaaaaaaaack, ya’ll!



Director, Type 1 Track & CME, TCOYD®; Endocrinologist; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine
e: jpettus@health.ucsd.edu  |  p: 858.755.5683, ext 106

When Jeremy isn’t busy being a doctor and running super important  type 1 related clinical research trials or taking TCOYD® conferences to the next level, you can catch him playing pranks on Steve, chasing his sons Cooper and Hudson around, and composing awesome guitar melodies. Disclosures


Co-Director, Type 2 Track, TCOYD®; Endocrinologist; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine
e: tricia@tcoyd.org

Tricia is the definition of #girlboss. She completed an Endocrinology Fellowship, Chief Residency, and Residency in Internal Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. Tricia is board certified in Internal Medicine and in Endocrinology, as well as a wife and mom of two. She also does this really cool thing where she takes time for herself, so be sure to wave if you see her on her paddle board in Lake Tahoe or San Diego Bay!  Disclosures


Co-Director, Type 2 Track, TCOYD®; Endocrinologist; Diabetes Researcher
e: sboeder@health.ucsd.edu

Schafer is a board-certified endocrinologist who diagnoses and treats people with a variety of endocrine conditions, with a particular focus on diabetes. His research is focused on new medications, devices, and technologies to help patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


Clinical Psychologist, Founder & CEO, Behavioral Diabetes Institute
e: whp@behavioraldiabetes.org

Bill is the President and Founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, the world’s first organization wholly dedicated to studying and addressing the unmet psychological needs of people with diabetes.


Co-Founder & Executive Director Emerita 

She helped start it all and will always be the all-around keeper and knower of all things TCOYD®. Sandy will forever be our ultimate guide. She knows our history, intricacies, and knows best how to create lasting relations to leave a legacy. Sandy has the special ability of putting things in perspective with her wisdom and advice, ensuring smooth sailing for all aboard. Sandy’s thoroughness, patience, and charm create the recipe for a beloved, irreplaceable and indispensable part of our family.