Medications and Other Treatment Options to Reduce Complications from Type 2 Diabetes

SGLT2s and type 2 diabetes treatment options

We are fortunate to have many medications today to treat type 2 diabetes. Beyond improving glucose levels, some of these medications also have beneficial effects on other conditions that are common in people with type 2, such as heart failure and diabetic kidney disease.

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Bad Doctor, Good Patient AND Good Doctor, Bad Patient: Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Care

Dr. Edelman takes on the role of an indifferent, judgy doctor and Dr. Pettus plays a clueless patient in these exaggerated scenarios that emphasize the importance of good communication during doctor’s appointments.

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TCOYD Supporter Donates Kidney for His Son

John Pierce doesn’t remember much about his diabetes diagnosis since he was only four years old at the time, but his father, John Sr., is a clinical medical researcher and had actually written a research paper about juvenile diabetes shortly before his son was symptomatic. Since John Sr. recognized the signs, he got his son treatment quickly, but the care

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