15th Annual Diabetes Forum: Exploring the Brightest Discoveries in Diabetes

Our 2021 Diabetes Forum, hosted by TCOYD and diaTribe, featured engaging discussions on the following topics:

  • The hottest trials and data revealed at this year’s ADA Symposium
  • The latest ADA Standards of Care and CVOT/DKD treatment algorithm updates
  • Recent updates on the SGLT2 inhibitors: CHF and renal protection
  • High dose GLP1-RAs, dual and triple agonists in development
  • Advances in drug delivery systems
  • The latest in CGM, pumps, hybrid closed looped and fully closed AP systems
  • TIR and other analytics that have and will become important
  • Advances in pramlintide formulations, glucagon, including glucagon receptor antagonists
  • Cure-based immune therapies for T1D
  • Telehealth/digital diabetes care apps

Watch the panel discussion below, and a full list of the Q&A can be found here.


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