Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Committed to Understanding and Improving Life with T1D

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is relatively new to the type 1 diabetes space, and they are working hard to understand what it’s like for people to live with T1D so they can develop transformative therapies. They’re currently investigating and advancing cell therapies aimed at treating an underlying cause of type 1 – the absence of insulin-producing cells.

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My New Lease on Life

Living a longer life with T1D

Keep your eyes peeled for Dr. Pettus parachuting into your backyard with glee in response to the results of a study on mortality rates and type 1. You might want to start saving now for pickleball paddles and your dream retirement custom RV…living a long life with T1D is lookin’ good!

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How I Use the FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM for T1D

Annabel Bonner has lived with type 1 diabetes for less than ten years, but she really enjoys helping people connect with their diabetes, encouraging them to be open about living with the condition rather than be ashamed. She uses the Freestyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitor, and she shares how it helps her with her diabetes management.

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