How I Use the FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM for T1D

Annabel Bonner has lived with type 1 diabetes for less than ten years, but she really enjoys helping people connect with their diabetes, encouraging them to be open about living with the condition rather than be ashamed. She uses the Freestyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitor, and she shares how it helps her with her diabetes management.

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The Pizza Challenge: Steve and Jeremy’s Battle of the Blood Sugars!

pizza challenge

If you’ve sworn off pizza because it wrecks your blood sugars, don’t delete Domino’s from your dinner rotation just yet. Dr. E and Dr. P tried two different ways to stay in range after eating three pieces of pepperoni pie, and the results may surprise you. Dr. P used a predetermined bolus calculation with graphs and charts and Dr. E went with a WAG (Wild Ass Guess). How’d they do?

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The Goofus and Gallant of Diabetes

Who do you relate to more when it comes to diabetes management? An angel who follows the recommended guidelines (Jeremy/Gallant), or a stubborn hellion easily influenced by temptation (Steve/Goofus)? Check out some of these scenarios from Dr. E. and see if you are who you think you are.

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