Overdosing and Overcoming: A Story of Insulin, Hiking, and the Worst Breakfast I Ever Ate

What happens when you accidentally inject yourself with a big dose of the wrong insulin? Author Sarah Durrand shares how an extreme low blood sugar led her to one of her highest achievements.

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The Hottest Things in Type 1!

Drs. Jeremy Pettus and Schafer Boeder led our Type 1 Spotlight Series in San Diego recently, and they covered trending topics in type 1 from new oral meds to groundbreaking glucagon spray.

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The Newest Fast-Acting Insulins – How Fast Is Fast?

With several new fast-acting insulins on the market, is it still necessary to pre-bolus before meals? How fast-acting are they really? Endocrinologist and type 1 Dr. Jeremy Pettus compares, contrasts, and gives his vote.

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Breathe It In: Inhaled Insulin Options for Type 2 Diabetes

Many people with type 2 diabetes have fears about starting insulin therapy, but using inhaled insulin, one of the newest insulin options, may get around some of these fears. One thing is for sure, using ANY type of insulin will help control your diabetes and does not represent a failure on your part! Diabetes is a progressive disease, and at least a third of people with type 2 diabetes will eventually need insulin.

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A Highlight from My Diabetes Blooper Reel

We all have them…mistakes we’ve made that we don’t even want to share with our own mother. Dr. Jeremy Pettus puts it all out there and gets real about what recently happened when he took the right dose of the wrong insulin.

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Why You Need a Snooze Alarm on Your CGM!

Did you know CGMs come out of the box with their repeat low alerts set to “off”?
CGM’s are life-changing and life-saving. Learn how to make the most of yours, and use those bells and whistles to your advantage!

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Two New Combo Drugs Help Blood Sugar Control for Type 2s

Achieving glucose goals is a critical part of overall diabetes management. The better the glucose control the lower the risk of long-term complications . Taking two or more glucose-lowering medications is usually needed in people with type 2 diabetes to achieve normal or near-normal glucose control.

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A promising innovation in insulin delivery: the OneTouch Via patch

The pain of insulin injections is well-documented, and the diabetes community is always searching for better alternatives. One such promising technology is the long-awaited OneTouch Via, an insulin patch pump from Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Calibra Medical.

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Why the Medtronic 670G Artificial Pancreas is a huge deal for diabetes

So you’ve read all the headlines about an artificial pancreas and how it’s supposed to change the world for diabetes, but what does it really mean? We understand the skepticism… Remember: Medtronic previously claimed to have released an artificial pancreas system back in 2013.

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Devices aren’t drugs: Insurance companies should not dictate diabetes technology

The diabetes community has been set ablaze after UnitedHealthcare announced an agreement for Medtronic devices to be the “preferred” in-network, durable medical equipment (DME) provider of insulin pumps. Starting July 1, 2016, UnitedHealthcare patients will be funneled toward using a Medtronic insulin pump instead of offerings from manufacturers like Tandem and Animas.

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