Size Matters! All About Needles and Multiple Daily Injections

It’s about time we talked about doing shots – and not the fun kind. Most people on insulin are on MDI (multiple daily injections), and Drs. E+P offer several important tips on how to make the most of your MDI regimen.

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    Just saw your new post, SIZE MATTERS. I swim for an hour to 1 1/2 hrs at a time. My pump is not water proof. I keep playing around with Dosing prior to going in the pool …..about a half an hour prior to going in the pool. Some days it’s spot on but most days I’m low or pretty high even if I’m putting in the same amount in the same situation; it just varies a lot! any further ideas on how to make this more successful. Thank you for all of your information and your sense of humors.

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      Hi Molly,
      One thing you could try is the untethered regimen, which you can read about here:,the%20insulin%20pump%20can%20provide

      If you’re problem is primarily hypo, you could lower the amount of basal insulin, such as 50% of your total daily basal requirements, and the other 50% via your pump when you’re not swimming, so that when you do swim, you have 50% reduction in your basal rate, and then you just have to be careful how much fast-acting insulin you have on board in the couple hours before you exercise. But you would disconnect from your pump an hour or two before you exercise. You would pick something like Toujeo or Tresiba and take 50% of what you’re doing now. You take it every single day, but you have your pump on the rest of the time. That can help modulate your basal rate and make it easy to give boluses before meals.

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    Love you guys, I always learn so much.

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    size matters…really, try being a bit more creative. that was tired and not funny

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      They are not here for your entertainment! They are here to help us survive and thrive with this PIA diabetes. Thank God they are will to teach us!
      You are uninvited. Go get a life somewhere else!

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    Always find your videos/emails/conferences so very educational. Didn’t think I would learn much from last video on (how to) Needles and Insulin Injections, but again I was wrong! I even, gently, get to educate my physicians on occasion.

    Recently retired, so looking for my next career path… would love to know if there is any job availability in your organization… in California, or Hawaii. Could you advise best way to look into employment opportunities with TCOYD?

    Thank you so much for all that you do there,

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    Re, reuse of needles:

    “Back in the day” (1957 or so), we had to reuse needles, had to sharpen them regularly, clean the middle of the needle, etc. We knew it was past time to sharpen when you could feel the slight “hook” on the needle – on the way in AND the way out. Didn’t have 2 nickles to rub together back in those days, but creativity was the order of the day

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      Wow, ouch! Amazing how far things have come….and congrats on you diabetes legend status. 🙂

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    Will the price of good syringes go down anytime? When the insulin was lowered in price (thanks) the price of my syringes almost doubled.

    • I really don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like the cost of anything is going to be going down, no matter what you’re buying. I would urge you to look around and try to find the best deal where you can.

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