Don’t Set Your Upper CGM Alert Too High – Don’t Be Like This Guy!

Dr. E's Case Study

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, it still fell. And it’s the same thing with a CGM alert. If your upper alert is set too high and you’re never notified, you still have high blood sugars. See how Dr. Edelman helped this patient get past his alarm aversion.

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Post-Meal High Blood Sugars: How to “Strike the Spike”!

Dose of Drs. E+P, how to strike the post meal spike

One of the most common challenges for people with diabetes is trying to prevent blood sugars from shooting up after meals. Drs. E and P have been managing spikes for over 75 years between the two of ’em, and they offer clear-cut suggestions on how to keep post-meal highs at bay.

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