Funding the Future of Diabetes Care: It Gets Personal

David Panzirer and the Helmsley Foundation are championing the use of CGM for people with diabetes. Join the movement and help spread the word about this amazing device in order to improve outcomes for more people with type 1 across the county.

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With More Diabetes Treatment Options Than Ever Before, Why is Blood Sugar Control Still So Elusive?

This article written by Dr. Edelman and Dr. Polonsky explains why educating and motivating people with diabetes to engage in their own care is so important – it’s exactly why we do what we do at TCOYD!

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The Newest Fast-Acting Insulins – How Fast Is Fast?

With several new fast-acting insulins on the market, is it still necessary to pre-bolus before meals? How fast-acting are they really? Endocrinologist and type 1 Dr. Jeremy Pettus compares, contrasts, and gives his vote.

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Sugar Surfing

You can’t stop the waves of fluctuating blood glucose levels but you can learn to surf. For those considering or already using Continuous Glucose Monitoring, this talk is for you. Dr. Stephen Ponder, a pediatric endocrinologist and a type 1 himself, takes you beyond the basics and shows you a better way to manage your blood glucose levels. He debunks the myths surrounding classic diabetes management while teaching you a better way. Watch him “Hang Ten”!

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Your Own Personal Lab in the Palm of Your Hand

Your glucose meter is truly your own personal laboratory in the palm of your hand. Every person living with diabetes should have, and use, a glucose meter! Knowing your blood sugar level in relation to eating, exercising, sleeping, concurrent illnesses, emotional stress, medications, and all of the other many factors that can effect our glucose levels throughout the day and night is invaluable.

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