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Christine Beebe
Christine Beebe is currently a consultant specializing in diabetes patient and health professional services that integrate collaborative engagement for better health outcomes. As a nationally recognized educator, author, nutritionist, diabetes educator, and clinician, Christine has cared for both pediatric and adult persons with diabetes. She has served in national non-profit leadership positions including Past President, Healthcare and Education, at the American Diabetes Association, Chair of the Nutrition Council, coauthor of National Nutrition Guidelines in Diabetes, and Chairman of the ADA Board in Chicago. At present Christine is on the ADA national Therapeutic Inertia Steering Committee and Co-Chairs the Patient Engagement Work Group. She volunteers for Slam Dunk Diabetes Camp and serves on the board of Taking Control of Your Diabetes. Ms. Beebe has conducted independent research, authored numerous papers and textbook chapters, developed award winning education videos, and is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker. Ms. Beebe currently lives in San Diego.

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