Facebook Live: Everything You Need to Know about CGMs

Dr. E & Dr. B dive into all the benefits of CGM for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They discuss which CGMs work the best in different scenarios, they explain helpful features such as trend arrows and alert settings, and they answer viewer questions on accuracy, adhesive issues, lag time, and more.

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    I am looking for a way to download my CGM data to my laptop directly; it used to be so able with a previous Dexcom; if I do not want my data stored in a cloud, available to hackers or to be sellable data, dare you aware of any way to do that these days?

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      Hi Michelle,
      Clarity is the uploading software Dexcom uses, so unfortunately there’s not a way around that at the moment. If we hear of another option though, we’ll let you know.

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    Super informative session. Dr Edleman made me laugh out loud with the one finger testing:)
    I have been a diabetes educator since 1974, Sick Children hospital, Toronto Canada until now living in Colorado Springs working for UCH Memorial.
    CGM is the game changer, however coverage/cost is a barrier/problem.
    Thanks again for all that you do to improve the lives of people with diabetes.
    Sincerely, Debbie Foulds RN BSN CDE

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      Thank you Debbie. Yes, we agree, and we sincerely hope coverage becomes more available for anyone interested in using CGM technology. And thank you for being a diabetes educator!

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