Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Type 2s: An Incredible Tool to Take Control of Your Diabetes

If you’re new to CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) or you care for someone who wears a continuous glucose monitor, this video is for you! Dr. Edelman and Dr. Boeder explain how CGMs work, and how they can be an invaluable tool for you and your healthcare team.

  1. Love love the video but it’s yo long keep it <3 minutes

    • Thanks – we do try, but sometimes there’s so much good info to share. Thanks for hanging in there! 🙂

  2. Hi🙂
    Love the video and don’t think it’s too long! I’m a 47 yr old type 2 on glucatrol and metformin. A few years back my A1c crept up to 8 and my Dr. said it might be time for insulin🙀 so I doubled down on my carb control and cardio and got my next A1c down to 7 where it has remained. I would love so very much to get my hands on a CGM b/c even thought I’m not suppose to have to change my pills, it is better to take less if I exercise longer and if I take half a glucatrol more I can eat a hole hamburger bun, not just one bun top or bottom! Anyways, knowing my sugars moment to moment would influence every micro decision I make about how much of what kind of food I eat and exercise I do, AND there’s the terrifying occasional night time lows that could kill me if didn’t wake up! Anyways, my Dr. said “No you don’t need it” and I have been trying to see about buying one w/o a proscription, looks like the FDA made it so you have to have a proscription. 😾 So looong story short, great video and concept, but short of changing Dr, not sure what us type 2s can do. Do you know of any studies going on that I could apply to be a part of and get paid and get free CGM? That’d be cool!😺 P.S. I work at UCSD So if you know any locals handing out CGMs lmk😉

    • Hi Heather,
      The FreeStyle Libre has a program where you can try it for free for 14 days. If you like it, I’ll be happy to write you a prescription.
      Do you go to Kaiser? Why aren’t you on an SGLT2 Inhibitor such as Jardiance or Farxiga, and/or a GLP-1 RA such as Trulicity or Ozempic?

  3. Hi there and thank you so much for your reply. Yes I am on Kaiser. My Doctor said they will not cover a CGM for type 2s. I would love it if you would write me a proscription! 🙂 I didn’t know that would be possible. Are you accepting new patients? I would definitely try an SGLT2 inhibitor under the guidance of a responsive and diabetes savvy care provider such as yourself. My answer is kind of lame, it is just that I have been on Glucotrol and it basically works, and new medicine is scary! (like the unknown effects on lows, weird stomach cramps) Thanks again and please just let me know what I would need to provide to be able to get a proscription!:)

  4. Great video. I tried 4 non insulin meds but did not tolerate them. Finally got my PCP to do an endocrine referral. Went on insulin but the best thing was getting a CGM. It showed me what my BS was doing 24/7- it showed I was running a “steady” # w/ no real high spikes during meals which helped guide my insulin regimen. I only need a low dose long acting insulin & getting excellent BS management

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