What’s Trending in Diabetes? Trend Arrows and How to React to Them!

Knowing the direction your blood sugars are heading is just as important as knowing what your blood sugar numbers are. Drs. E+P explain how to respond to different trend arrow scenarios, and how that information will help your overall diabetes management and improve your time in range.

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    When you give the amount of insulin to take related to the arrows, for those of us who are still using needles and not pumps how does that convert to units?

  2. You two are fricken geniuses!

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    For example, as a guideline:
    If my blood sugar is 220 going double arrow up, how many units of insulin do I give myself? The unit of measure in the video, I didn’t understand how to convert to units when using the pen.

    Make sense now?

    • If your blood sugar is 220 with two arrows up, you would correct your blood sugar as if it was 320. You would add 100mg/dL to your current number.

  4. And it is considered that 50 mg/dl is equal to 1 unit of insulin in a kwik pen?

    • Your question is an important one, but you do need some more education. It sounds like you’re referring to the correction factor, or the insulin-sensitivity factor, which tells an individual person how much their blood sugar will drop with one unit of insulin. For some people, one unit of insulin will drop them 25 mg/dL and others may be 50 mg/dL. One unit of insulin is one unit of insulin. I think you’re referring to the correction factor. We will email you a pdf of my book which should help you a lot.

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