Just Launched! TCOYD’s New Diabetes Access + Resource Center

We want you to be equipped with up-to-date information and actionable steps you can take to get the diabetes management supplies you need. We’ve gathered resources from insurance experts, advocacy organizations, and diabetes therapy and devices companies to provide reliable pathways to more affordable diabetes management. Check out the access page here and learn more about some of the cool features from Drs. E+P below.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you TCOYD!!!!

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      Thank YOU, Laurie! Hope you find it helpful, and thanks for being part of the TCOYD community!

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    The Sensor phone call hold video made me laugh. I have experienced that many times since I have been with sensors and pumps for years. People could not understand why I needed 2 cell phones. When I explain it is to be on hold etc they think I am nuts. So after showing you with that recording 6 hour hold my family is more understanding. Thank you.

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      We support whatever you need to do to make your diabetes life easier…if it’s having two cell phones, go for it! 👍

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    You guys are doing a great job, thanks for your help!

    Michael DiNatale
    (Covid patient #1 🤣)

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    You guys are the best – very informative as well as entertaining! I have talked with several people about your site, including my endocrinologist and diabetic educator. Keep up the excellent work.

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    Sometimes, rather than sitting on hold for six hours, I can find my answer with TCOYD! After 53 years as a person with T1D, you have helped and encouraged me immensely.

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      Wow, thanks so much, Donna! That’s very kind of you to say, and we’re so glad to be of help. 🙂

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