Evaluating Type 2 Medications

There are nine major types of oral medications in the U.S. for people living with type 2 diabetes. In this first article of a series, we’re focusing on sulfonylureas or SFUs, which are one of the oldest oral medications on the market.

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New Kids on the Block: Oral Meds for Type 1

A new oral medication for T1D is awaiting FDA approval, and it’s shown fewer highs, fewer lows, and more predictable insulin dosing in recent studies.

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Overdosing and Overcoming: A Story of Insulin, Hiking, and the Worst Breakfast I Ever Ate

What happens when you accidentally inject yourself with a big dose of the wrong insulin? Author Sarah Durrand shares how an extreme low blood sugar led her to one of her highest achievements.

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The Hottest Things in Type 1!

Drs. Jeremy Pettus and Schafer Boeder led our Type 1 Spotlight Series in San Diego recently, and they covered trending topics in type 1 from new oral meds to groundbreaking glucagon spray.

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Ozempic: Sugar Coated Success or the Best of Its Kind?

Recently approved by the FDA, Ozempic sets itself apart from other once-weekly GLP-1 RAs for type 2 diabetes by demonstrating the quickest and greatest effect in reducing blood glucose and body weight in studies. Is it right for you?

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Treatments for Type 1 Other Than Insulin

Sure type 1s will always need insulin to treat their disease, but is there anything else out there to take that can help us keep our blood sugars in control?  The answer is frankly, yes.  Come learn about other medications already approved and being studied that can help lower blood sugars, improve time in range, and can help you lose weight!  What???????? Yes, it’s true!

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A Highlight from My Diabetes Blooper Reel

We all have them…mistakes we’ve made that we don’t even want to share with our own mother. Dr. Jeremy Pettus puts it all out there and gets real about what recently happened when he took the right dose of the wrong insulin.

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Two New Combo Drugs Help Blood Sugar Control for Type 2s

Achieving glucose goals is a critical part of overall diabetes management. The better the glucose control the lower the risk of long-term complications . Taking two or more glucose-lowering medications is usually needed in people with type 2 diabetes to achieve normal or near-normal glucose control.

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