This Diabetes Awareness Month, Don’t Forget about the Things You Do RIGHT!

A Dose of Dr. E and P

How often do you celebrate your wins with diabetes? Have you ever? Take a moment and pat yourself on the back for all the things you manage on a daily basis. Woke up with a decent blood sugar? Nailed a bolus? Took a walk around the block instead of watching Seinfeld? Drs. E+P remind us how important it is to celebrate our victories, big and small.

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CVS Health + TCOYD: National Diabetes Awareness Month

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, Dan Knecht, VP of Health Strategy & Innovation at CVS Health spoke with experts Dr. Steve Edelman, MD, founder and director of Taking Control Of Your Diabetes, and Joy Pape, R.N., a nationally known family nurse practitioner and certified diabetes educator, to discuss how to address needs of people living with diabetes and the providers who deliver diabetes care.

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