A Dose of Dr. E: Dr. Edelman Takes Us to Etiquette School

Blood sugar testing at the dinner table? A diabetic downing a dessert? The horror!
Dr. Edelman shares some creative reminders on how NOT to dine with a diabetic.

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Not Sure You’re Ready to Dive into an Online Diabetes Community?
We Can Help!

Diabetes can be an overwhelming and often very lonely condition to tackle. It’s something we can’t just turn off or deal with later; it’s there 24/7 and it can be hard for the people around us to truly understand what it’s like. But you are not alone! There’s a global diabetes community ready to support you, and you can participate as much or as little as you like.

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How to Deal: Diabetes Complications

No matter how long you have had type 1 diabetes, complications are something we all fear.  You might be complication free but waiting for that dreaded shoe to drop, or you might be dealing with multiple complications and struggling with the guilt and blame.  This talk is structured as a group therapy session for type 1s that want to talk about what we all are trying to avoid.  Leave your judgment and blame at the door for this emotional ride.

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Do You Love Someone With Type 1?

iving with type 1 diabetes isn’t just hard for the person living with the disease, but it can be hard for their loved ones as well.  If you have ever wondered how to not have an argument when your spouse is low, or how to suggest foods to eat without nagging or being the diabetes police, then this talk is for you. It’s like diabetes couples therapy.

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How to Support Your Loved One with Diabetes

We mean well.  We really do.  We only want the best for our loved ones, but sometimes we unintentionally say or do the wrong thing when we’re trying to help. Dr. Bill Polonsky, founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, offers these tips on how best to support someone you care about who is living with diabetes.

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