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Erika Forsyth
Living with T1D for over 33 years, Erika Forsyth understands the complexities of managing this chronic illness. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, Oregon, Utah, and Florida, she is able to integrate her personal experience with her professional expertise. In therapy, Erika may assist the client and family in grieving a new diagnosis, explore paths to acceptance, or identify ways to create and maintain balance for the PWD or caregiver. Raised in Southern California, she also has a brother with T1D, and both know what it’s like to manage diabetes and play sports. Erika is married with two young daughters and lives in the Pasadena area. To learn more and connect with Erika, please check out her website: www.erikaforsyth.com or email her at erikaforsyth.mft@gmail.com

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