What Makes ONE So ONEderful for Type 1s?☝️❤️

Have you ever felt like you’re living on a deserted island all alone with type 1 diabetes? We’ve got an island paradise waiting for you that’s filled with hundreds of other people living with T1D who are all in the same boat. If you’ve never attended a ONE Conference & Retreat, read on to see why people keep coming back year after year.



ONE is a jam-packed three-day conference and retreat created specifically for adults with type 1 diabetes (and their loved ones) by Dr. Steve Edelman and Dr. Jeremy Pettus, both endocrinologists living with T1D themselves. They wanted a place where people with diabetes could come together every year to connect and learn about the latest in diabetes tech, treatments, and research.

Hundreds of people with type 1 from around the world converge on the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego every August to learn, mingle, break bread, let off steam, share tips, downshift, play, and most importantly, know they are not alone in managing this condition.



Top-Notch Type 1 Diabetes Education

One of the most distinctive things about ONE is the caliber of lectures from leading diabetes experts, many of whom live with type 1 diabetes themselves. Not only do they talk the talk but they walk the walk, and they’re plugged in to the latest advancements in diabetes research, technology, and treatment therapies, as well as ground-breaking developments on the horizon.

Featured topics we’re covering this year include:

  • Hybrid closed-loop systems for beginners and advanced users
  • Updates in beta cell replacement therapy
  • Strategies to improve emotional health and manage diabetes burnout
  • Medications for type 1 beyond insulin

A variety of breakout sessions address additional subjects in smaller group settings. All lectures and breakouts offer Q&As with the speakers.

The high-level educational content at ONE offers a unique opportunity for people with diabetes to learn new ways to manage their condition, with the goal of impacting quality of daily life. Many attendees return home from the conference armed with new information and questions to ask their doctors about things they learned and therapies they’d like to implement.


Camaraderie, Connection, and New DiaBesties

If you don’t know anyone else living with type 1, that all changes here. Whether you’re in your first week of diagnosis or you’re a diabetes legend with 50+ years under your belt, you’ve got an instant “in” to the hundreds of others here who get it.

Some of the most meaningful interactions happen at mealtimes, during group activities, in breakouts, in the Sponsor Lounge, at the bar…pretty much everywhere offers an opportunity to share insights and strategies on the day-to-day challenges (and sometimes the surprising gifts) of life with T1D.

As one first-timer put it, “I couldn’t believe it. Everywhere I looked, I felt like I was in the majority, and that never happens. Just being around those people with type 1 diabetes and feeling the energy was incredible!”


Hobnobbing with Diabetes Experts and Exhibitors

The Sponsor Lounge is an active exhibit space where you can meet and mingle with medical professionals, pharmaceutical reps, and industry leaders to ask questions one-on-one with the people and companies who make the products and devices you use every day. You can find out what’s coming down the pike and get insights into features of existing technology that apply directly to your personal diabetes regimen. (And there’s cornhole 😁).


A Super Cool Vibe at San Diego’s Paradise Point Resort

Keeping the “retreat” front and center is the Paradise Point Resort itself – a tropical oasis with pools, tennis courts, fire pits, lawn games, sandy beaches, beachside bars, and beach activities. Group runs, walks, and yoga classes with T1D fitness instructors offer a chance to stay active and soak in the sights. Meals are included (more details here).

Twist and shout on Saturday night with our favorite Beatles cover band, and be the first to hear the new release of TCOYD’s original diabetes song written and performed by Dr. Pettus and TCOYD’s resident musician Erik Berg.


Come ONE, Come All

So come see what we’re all about. As Dr. Pettus says, “This conference is different from anything else out there because there’s so much great education with world-class speakers, but there’s also all the FUN…the after-hours parties and hanging out. There’s less separation at this conference between speakers and participants…everyone is there because we are all ONE.”


Check out our ONE theme song and music video:

If you’ve already signed up for ONE, you’re fire 🔥, we love you, and we can’t wait to see you in August!


Don’t miss out… spots are going FAST!

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