Why You Need a CGM If You Have Type 2 Diabetes…Even If It’s the Only Thing You Wear!

With the FDA’s recent approval of the Dexcom Stelo CGM, more people with type 2 diabetes will now be able to utilize CGM technology to learn how lifestyle factors like food, meal timing, exercise, sleep, stress, and alcohol can impact blood sugar. Knowing what your blood sugar is doing in real time is an empowering piece of information that can positively impact your daily activities, give you peace of mind, and improve your quality of life.


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    As a type 2 diabetic, I would like a CGM however many insurance companies do not cover it or even a portion. It makes managing this disease very tiring & stressful.

    • If you’re on insulin, even one shot per day, you should be able to push hard to get one, especially if you’re having hypoglycemia. The Dexcom Stelo will be sold over-the-counter soon, and most likely will not be too expensive (but I don’t know for sure, as pricing has not been released). If you really are desperate for a CGM, email Lynne at our office at lynne@tcoyd.org and I’ll schedule a time to talk with you to see if I can get you a prescription.

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