CGM for Type 2s: No More Finger Pricks!

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    Very informative and well done video – thank you!

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    I am very interested in this. I am not a fan of finger sticks and I would love to have access to my blood sugar levels throughout the day, before and after meals, when I wait too long between meals, etc. I am hoping for a prescription for one of these devices.

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      Hi Eliza, Hope you are able to get one – they really are game-changers! If you haven’t yet seen this article yet, you may enjoy it as well:

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        Thank you. That was a good article. I like the idea of using the sensor intermittently. My type 2 is relatively well controlled now but my A1C is going up and I have a terrible family history so I’d rather use tech to stay on top of things and I’m not interested in totally changing my diet.

        I’m more interested in when I should eat what and how does exercise and sleep affect bg. Thanks again.

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    What can you do if your pcp won’t prescribe this for you? Family member with uncontrolled t2d and his physician at Kaiser sucks. Need info on insurance and cgms!

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      Hello Anonymous!
      Dr. Edelman and Dr. Boeder are going to be speaking on the topic of CGMs for people with type 2 in our May newsletter, and their video will be on our website towards the end of next week. Your family member should show his doctor the video and really push for a CGM prescription. If the doctor still won’t do it, it might be time to look for another doctor. Insurance coverage issues are challenging unless the person is on insulin. Hopefully that will change soon.

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    Thank you for the speedy reply! He is on insulin so hopefully that will help the process. I will keep an eye out for the video and share. Xoxox

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