Glucagon Updates You NEED to Know, Including Mini-Dosing!

Dose of Drs E+P on Glucagon

Everyone with type 1 diabetes, and those living with type 2 diabetes who use insulin, should have emergency glucagon on hand. Drs. E+P discuss the newer options available today, and they share what may be coming down the pike in terms of mini-dosing.


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    The newly approved Dexcom Stelo will help many people, including a buddy of mine,72, who is a not well controlled type 2. Most of his problems are related too insurance and non-endo “comments”. I am almost a lifetime Type 1, 82, A1c ~6.3% on a Humalog/Medtronic 780G system, alwa6s in Smartguard mode. I am a private pilot and a long time member of TCOYD. This led me to your “quickie” on Glucogon micro dosing, similar to what my Medtronic 780G pump does automatically with both Basil and Bolus. This can keep me from going low when doing yard work or doing “heavy” work on my cars and my airplane. It looks like, for me, either of these will beat the hell out of Glucotabs, candy, or leaded Coke. I will investigate the ambient temperature effect on them to see which one, or both, I will carry in my “med kit”. Thank you both for the presentation.

    • I have several pilot patients in my practice, including one who flies for Jet Blue, so congrats and never give up your wings!

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    Is there any way to get more information on Dr. Michael Riedel’s study about glucagon injection? I would like to talk to my son’s Endocrinologist about it.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for this update! I can’t wait to try it. I am always struggling to reduce lows during exercise and this might help!

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    what is the ratio or scale of mini-dosing?

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    Thank you for your response! I picked up my Gvoke Kit today and am listening to the podcast now. You are the BEST!!

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