TCOYD® LIVE PLUS: Volunteering for Research Studies – It’s Not Just Being a “Guinea Pig” Anymore!

Clinical studies are the backbone of medical advancements. Without clinical studies, understanding diseases and developing new treatments would greatly slow down—which is why the role of research volunteers is crucial! We’re delving into the clinical research world and taking you behind the scenes of what participating looks like, including Dr. Edelman and Pettus’ personal experience overseeing clinical trials. Join us to learn how your participation in clinical research can directly contribute to improving medical care for future generations.
Learn About the Benefits of Being a Clinical Trial Participant
Find out about the benefits of participating in research, including the opportunity to access expert care, receive diabetes supplies and develop personal long-term connections with clinical investigators, research nurses and other volunteers
Find Out How Clinical Research Shapes the Future of Diabetes Treatments
Discover how volunteering for diabetes research offers a meaningful way to support future generations of people who will develop diabetes
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“The Pros and Cons of Being a Research Subject: It’s Not Guinea Pig Stuff Anymore!”
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“Making the Invisible Visible: One of the Big Secrets for Successful Type 2 Diabetes Management (and a New Research Opportunity)”


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