ONE-of-a-Kind Immersive At-Home Opportunity for Education, Online Discussion and Connection!

Born out of passion to bring together type 1s from around the world to connect, bond and learn from one another, we are so proud that our ONE weekend retreat welcomes an international audience that grows exponentially each year in both size and personal connections. Blow up the kiddie pool, grab your laptop or smart phone and “retreat” to a comfy spot for a deep dive into all things T1D. From enlightening discussions on current diabetes topics you care about, to interactive games and fun giveaways with cutting-edge exhibitors and live musical performances from your favorite docs, we’re so excited for you and our worldwide diabetes community to come together at ONE time from MANY places for the ULTIMATE informational and unforgettable Virtual ONE Conference Experience.
We invite you to share your passion for living your best life with diabetes with others who get it!


8:00am – 9:00 am PDT: Health Fair Exhibits and Networking
9:00am – 5:00pm PDT: Conference Program
5:00pm – 6:00pm PDT: Health Fair Exhibits and Networking


This event will be hosted on a virtual conference platform called vFairs, which is accessible through any internet browser. All registered participants will receive a link via email to join the event.


This event is complimentary.
Listen to the “We Are One” song by Taking Control Of Your Diabetes—created exclusively for ONE 2020! Written and performed by TCOYD’s own Dr. Jeremy Pettus & Erik Berg.

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•  CUTTING-EDGE presentations and engaging panel discussions on current topics YOU CARE ABOUT
•  Real-time conversations and LIVE Q&A opportunities with experienced medical pros and motivational T1Ds
•  LIVE INTERACTION and GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITIES provided by innovative exhibitors
•  NETWORKING LOUNGE connecting T1Ds from around the world
•  Informational lectures and UNLIMITED ADDITIONAL TOPICS available for 30 days after the conference
•  COMPLIMENTARY registration!


EXPERT SPEAKERS & GROUNDBREAKING PRESENTATIONS/WORKSHOPS – Have fun and be entertained while you learn about diabetes breakthroughs as our powerhouse speakers, many who live with diabetes themselves, bring the education and the excitement right to your home.
EXTENDED LIVE Q&A DISCUSSIONS – Get all of your questions answered in real-time through a live discussion panel where you can engage with the top minds in diabetes about current topics going on in the diabetes world right now.
INTERACTIVE HEALTH FAIR AND EXHIBITOR ENGAGEMENT – Explore the virtual health fair where you can not only learn more about our cutting-edge exhibitors, but also receive take-home downloadable information, engage in one-on-one communication with industry leaders and participate in interactive games.
NETWORKING ON AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL – All attendees are invited to check out the Networking Lounge throughout the day where you can interact & engage with attendees from all over the world on a group or individual level and make connections for life.
ON-DEMAND WORKSHOPS FOR 30 DAYS – To keep the education going after the live event, you have the unique opportunity to check out our additional workshops presented by our expert faculty to expand upon the topics you learned and beyond.


Sugar Surfing: How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes in a Modern World  |  More Than Just Insulin: Adjunctive Therapies  |  Pregnancy and Breast Feeding with Type 1  |  Inhalable and Other Newer Insulins  |  Strike the Spike: Strategies for Combatting After-Meal Highs  |  Alcohol and Diabetes: Do They Mix?  |  Diabetes Etiquette: How to Take Care of Your Loved Ones with Diabetes  |  Low Carb, Ketogenic, and Intermittent Fasting Diets: Fads or Fab?  |  The Effects of Exercise on Diabetes and Metabolism  |  Mindfulness: Sharing the Sweetness of this Kool-Aid with the T1D Community
Yoga: There’s So Much More to It than Just Touching Your Toes – Evan Soroka
From the outside it may look like Evan is just trying to turn you into a pretzel…but trust her… there is so much more to it. Give her class a few tries and witness for yourself how not only your body feels better but how your mind seems to focus better too.
The Interview…50 Years in the Making! Celebrating Dr. E and 50 Years of T1D — A Stand-Up Comedian Who Stands-Up for Diversity and Inclusion in Diabetes — Not Dead Yet: A Race Against Disease
Plus a varied lineup of specialty Dose of Dr. E AND Dose of Dr. P videos on featuring everything diabetes-related under the ONE sun!

“I want to thank all of you for your hard work and time involved in putting on such AWESOME VIRTUAL CONFERENCES! That is the BEST conference I have ever attended and it was so well organized! It was full of great sessions with lots of information, humor, and compassion. I have had diabetes for 55 years and yet I LEARNED A LOT.”

– TCOYD 2020 Community Member


*extra-relatable faculty (they’re living with type 1)

*Steven V. Edelman, MD


Steve, a type 1 since the age of 13, has dedicated his career to educating and treating others like himself. Endocrinologist, Founder & Director, TCOYD, Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, VA Medical Center San Diego.

*Jeremy Pettus, MD


Jeremy is a beloved endocrinologist and international speaker who talks about type 1 diabetes from his firsthand experience of living well with the disease. Endocrinologist, Type 1 Track Director TCOYD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine

Tricia Santos, MD


Tricia directs the Diabetes & Endocrinology courses at UCSD School of Medicine. She teaches doctors to focus on the importance involving the patient in medical decision making.
Endocrinologist, Type 2 Track Director TCOYD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine

William Polonsky, PhD, CDE


Dr. Polonsky is President and Founder of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, the world’s first organization totally dedicated to studying and addressing the unmet psychological needs of people with diabetes. He is also Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego.

Schafer Boeder, MD


Schafer is a board-certified endocrinologist who diagnoses and treats people with a variety of endocrine conditions, with a particular focus on diabetes. His research is focused on new medications, devices, and technologies to help patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

*Leslie Eiland, MD


University of Nebraska Medical Center; Medical Director, Endocrine Telehealth Program, Endocrinologist

*Aaron Kowalski, PhD

President and CEO, JDRF

*Rayhan Lal, MD


Rayhan, diagnosed at age 12, studied electrical engineering and computer science at U.C. Berkeley with the hopes of applying his knowledge to diabetes technology. The significance of clinical practice became clear to him after his youngest sisters also developed diabetes. He devotes his life to advancing the care of diabetes in patients of all ages.

*Kerri Sparling


Kerri is a passionate advocate for all-things diabetes. She is the creator and author of Six Until Me, one of the first and most widely-read diabetes patient blogs. Kerri spreads a message of hope. Kerri’s participation is part of Tandem Diabetes Care’s Live Life in Full Color speaker series.

*Eric Tozer


Eric made history becoming the first person with T1D to complete the world marathon challenge, running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 consecutive days…proving that anything is possible. Eric’s passion is encouraging people with diabetes to achieve what may at times seem unachievable. His participation is sponsored by Dexcom.



9:00AM - 9:15AMLog in and familiarize yourselves with our state-of-the-art virtual platform,” Vfairs”.
Welcome video to air as soon as you sign in.
9:15AM - 9:55AMWhat to Do When Things Go Wrong: Turning Lemons Into Lemonade, and Spike It of Course!!! – Jeremy Pettus, MD (with cameos from the TCOYD team.)
Dr. Steve, Dr. Jeremy and the TCOYD team are LIVE from Paradise Point’s pool ready to greet you…well “Virtually” that is! We’ve been thrown our share of lemons this year: COVID, quarantine, terrible face angles in zoom meetings…and this doesn’t even account for all the challenges us people with diabetes go through when our equipment fails us or we fail it. Dr. Jeremy is about to turn your lemons into lemonade by offering up some life hacks and troubleshooting scenarios to get you through 2020 and beyond!
10:00AM - 10:30AMTelemedicine is Here to Stay: Learn How to Make It Work to Your Advantage – Leslie Eiland, MD
How do you prepare for a virtual visit, and what are the pros and cons of virtual medicine? Not having to get out of PJ bottoms is plus, but where the heck are doctors going to place their stethoscopes?
10:30AM - 11:00AMBREAK
Venture into the exhibit hall, network lounge or watch some on-demand videos in the auditorium. Win a prize by participating in Dexcom's scavenger hunt or TCOYD's leaderboard activities. Have fun but do come back to the ONE Auditorium for our next “LIVE” session.
11:00AM - 11:30AMThe Emotional Side of Diabetes…It Sucks Sometimes…But Together We Can Make It Better! – William Polonsky, PhD, CDE
Burnout is real. We’re “stuck” with diabetes 24/7, so what can we do if we just need a freaking BREAK? Repeat this mantra…YOU ARE NOT ALONE; TOGETHER WE’VE GOT THIS. Here are some tips on how to get through the rough patches.
11:35AM - 12:15PMThink Like an Endo: Learn What Your CGM Data Is Trying to Tell You – Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Schafer Boeder, MD
Learn from your own data to make adjustments to your insulin, diet, lifestyle, etc. You’ll be armed and ready with the right questions to focus on at your next doctors visit.
12:15PM - 12:45PMBREAK
Venture into the exhibit hall, network lounge or watch some on-demand videos in the auditorium. Win a prize by participating in Dexcom's scavenger hunt or TCOYD's leaderboard activities. Have fun but do come back to the ONE Auditorium for our next “LIVE” session.
12:45PM - 1:25PMDIY (Do It Yourself) Artificial Pancreas Systems – Rayhan Lal, MD
Looping has revolutionized the diabetes world. If you want to get a jump start on an AP system, we’ll show you what you need to Do It Yourself. You’ll not only learn about these latest devices, but also how to tweak them so you can get the most out of them.
1:30PM - 2:10PMThe Not So “Newlywed Game”…for More Than Just Newlyweds – Jeremy Pettus, MD
Host Jeremy takes three couples through the wringer. Let’s see how well our loved ones really know what it’s like to live with T1D.
2:15PM - 3:00PMWhat’s on the Horizon for Type 1s: The Latest in Diabetes Research – Aaron Kowalski, PhD
Aaron Kowalski, living well with diabetes and CEO of JDRF, takes us through the newest discoveries in diabetes research.
3:00PM - 3:15PMBREAK
Rest, stretch, relieve…whatever you need or venture back into the health fair or network lounge. Have fun but do come back for our next “LIVE” session.
3:15PM - 3:55PMWe Get You! “LIVE” Q&A with our Nation’s Top Endos Who All Live with Type 1 – Moderator: Tricia Santos, MD, Panelists (Endos with Type 1): Nicholas Argento, MD; Leslie Eiland, MD; Irl Hirsh, MD; Stephen Ponder, MD; and Jennifer Sherr, MD
Do you ever feel like your doctor can’t relate? Well, all of these endos understand what you are going through because they live with type 1 too. These doctors can give you medical advice and first-hand experiences for living with the disease.
4:00PM - 4:40PM7 Marathons, 7 Days, 7 Continents – Sponsored by Dexcom – Eric Tozer
Need a boost of inspiration? What people with diabetes can’t do that…or can they? Hear from diehard athlete Eric Tozer on how he ran 7 marathons, in 7 consecutive days, in 7 different countries.
4:45PM - 5:00PMParty Time! Dr. Jeremy on Guitar and Dr. Steve Behind the Bar... Debuting our New ONE Theme Song Video – Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Jeremy Pettus, MD (featuring cameos of your favorite type 1s)
Who brings the FUN into ONE??? TCOYD + YOU! Join us for our post conference party where Dr. Steve will be serving up drinks (virtual of course…recipes on our website) with his valedictorian worthy toast and Dr. Jeremy will be rocking your new ONE anthem! Yes, he wrote this theme song especially for YOU! So be sure to get up out of your chair, and possibly up on to it, to dance these last minutes away with us…psst…you can keep on dancing with us all month long as these videos will be available on-demand!!! Sign in to Vfair any day or everyday this month. Tell your type 1 buddies that it’s not too late for them to crash the party. Just have them register on Vfairs all month long too. We will meet you all by the pool!


**Bonus webinars available for 30 days after the live event**
Sugar Surfing: How to Manage Type 1 Diabetes in a Modern World – Stephen Ponder, MD
You may not be able to completely stop the waves of fluctuating blood glucose levels, but you can learn to surf! If you’re using a CGM (or interested in learning more about them) we’ll take you beyond the basics and show you how to use them to their fullest potential so you can “Hang Ten”!
More Than Just Insulin: Adjunctive Therapies – Steven V. Edelman, MD
Did you know that there are many medications that you can use in addition to insulin to help us T1Ds get better control? Some medicines even help with lowering our insulin requirements and also help with weight loss. By no means are we insinuating that any of you have to lose a few pounds, but it’s nice to know that some drugs can make us skinnier and not the other way around.
Pregnancy and Breast Feeding with Type 1 – Leslie Eiland, MD
Pregnant or considering pregnancy? Learn all there is to know from this Endocrinologist and mother of two boys, living well with type 1.
Inhaled and Other Newer Insulins – Jeremy Pettus, MD
Dude…TCOYD is based out of California where it’s okay to inhale. Learn about inhaled, injectable rapid acting, and basal insulins. Toujeo, Tresiba, Afrezza, Fiasp, Lymiev, may be hard to pronounce but learn why these mouthfuls might be right for you.
Strike the Spike: Strategies for Combatting After-Meal Highs – Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE
After-meal highs are super common and can be a real pain. Too often we combat these highs with a rage bolus and then go too low. Provided in this session are some useful tips and tricks to avoid going high, so you stay sane, and in control.
Alcohol and Diabetes: Do They Mix? – Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Jeremy Pettus, MD
Dr. E and Dr. P have offered themselves up as “test dummies” to discover the effects of alcohol on their blood sugars? Learn through their trials and tribulations on how to drink safely and what to outright avoid! Warning this session could turn into a Comedy Central’s Drunk History Show! If you are clueless to this reference feel free to google the show.
Diabetes Etiquette: How to Take Care of Your Loved Ones with Diabetes – Robin E. S. Miyamoto, PsyD
Do you have a diabetes police on your case? Someone always telling you what to do or more specifically what not to do? Send them to this session so they learn to never treat you like a diabetes criminal again!
Low Carb, Ketogenic, and Intermittent Fasting Diets: Fads or Fab? – Jennifer Troupe, RD, CDE, BC-ADM
Do any of these diets really work? Are some better for stabilizing blood sugars, helping with weight management, and are kinder on your heart? Find out the facts from fiction with evidence-based studies on diet and T1D.
The Effects of Exercise on Diabetes and Metabolism – Michael Riddel, PhD
Regardless of whether you are an extreme marathoner or more of an easy breezy stroller, keeping your blood glucose sugars in range in always part of our game. Learn how to avoid lows during your workout and spiking highs post-workouts.
Mindfulness: Sharing the Sweetness of this Kool-Aid with the T1D Community – Heather Nielson Horacek, LPC, CHWC
Learn and practice simple mindfulness skills to specifically address areas of diabetes distress, building self-compassion, resilience, and “respond vs react” wiring towards dealing with the myriad challenges of T1D.
Yoga: There’s So Much More to It than Just Touching Your Toes – Evan Soroka, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT
From the outside, it may look like yoga is an exercise focused on moving your body into awkward positions but there is a reason why so many people with T1D practice yoga. It not only makes your body feel better and promotes better blood sugars, but also helps your mind stay centered and calm. Join Evan for an accessible experience of yoga for diabetes. Give it a try a few times, and see how yoga is the perfect complement to diabetes care.
The Interview…50 Years in the Making! Celebrating Dr. E and 50 Years of T1D – Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Jeremy Pettus, MD
An off the cuff interview revealing the heart and resilience of TCOYD’s Founder Dr. E. He reflects back on the 50 years since his type 1 diagnosis and teaches us all how to have a little more ease while living with this disease.
A Stand-Up Comedian Who Stands-Up for Diversity and Inclusion in Diabetes – Chelcie Rice
What happens when a professional comedian combines his love for stand-up with a passion for diabetes awareness-raising? THIS happens!
Not Dead Yet: A Race Against Disease – Phil Southerland
Be inspired by Phil Southerland’s powerful story about how his T1D diagnosis shaped him into the athlete and advocate that he is today. Phil fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional cyclist and proved “What's Possible” with diabetes. Phil went on to found Team Type 1 Foundation, the world’s largest diabetes and sports organization, with more than 170 athletes with T1D spreading the message of hope and in addition Phil created Team Novo Nordisk, an endurance sports powerhouse, home to athletes with diabetes competing at the highest levels. Don’t let T1D get in the way of any of your dreams.
Author, Blogger, Mother – Kerri Sparling
The witty and inspirational Kerri Sparling shares her comical antidotes of what it is like to be a mother, a daughter, a human, coping…and on certain days thriving with the highs and lows of T1D. Part of Tandem's Live Life In Full Color Speaker Series.
A Small Dose of Dr. E and/or Dr. P: LADA – Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Jeremy Pettus, MD
LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults) presents itself very differently than a “traditional” type 1 diabetes diagnosis in children. The loss of pancreatic beta cells is slower with LADA, so many doctors incorrectly diagnose it initially as type 2. Dr. Edelman and Dr. Pettus explain the different stages of LADA, what to look out for, what tests can confirm the diagnosis of type 1, and how to adjust to the natural progression of the disease.
A Small Dose of Dr. E and/or Dr. P: Tandem IQ – Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Jeremy Pettus, MD
Dr. P’s been on Tandem's Control-IQ for a few months, and he loves it! Here’s his review of its cool new features, and how it compares to Loop and Medtronic’s 670G.
A Small Dose of Dr. E and/or Dr. P: Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Stay Cool with T1D – Steven V. Edelman, MD, and Jeremy Pettus, MD
In this condensed version of Dr. Pettus’ lecture from the 2019 ONE Conference & Retreat, Dr. P and Dr. E share 10 easy and straightforward tips to help you stay a little more sane living with diabetes.

Want to watch SPEAKER SESSION videos from previous ONE conferences?