Tandem’s t:slim Gets a Mobile Bolus, and There’s Lots More in Store

Tandem Diabetes pump mobile bolus

Big things are happening at Tandem Diabetes.

The Mobile Bolus

The FDA just cleared a much-anticipated t:slim X2 pump feature that lets people bolus directly from iOS and Android devices. No more hiding your pump under the table at restaurants to account for those french fries…just grab your phone and make adjustments on the fly. The feature will be available in the U.S. to current in-warranty users as well as new t:slim X2 customers. Other aspects of mobile bolusing will include managing pump settings and wireless software updates via a smartphone. It’s important to note that you will still have the ability to program directly from your pump if you prefer.

Future Pump Plans

The Tandem t:slim X2 will soon be joined by newer pump models such as the t:slim X3, the Tandem Mobi and the Tandem Mobi Tubeless. As a provider caring for people with diabetes, I get giddy with excitement when I see another new technology, and makeovers of existing technology for the better. But sometimes choices can be paralyzing, whether we are deciding for ourselves or trying to help someone make a choice to improve their lifestyle. On those occasions, I think back to times when people with diabetes did not have many choices, and I am truly grateful for this “choice overload”. Here’s a breakdown of the exciting Tandem choices to look forward to!

The X3

The t:slim X3 reportedly will have greater processing power/capacity, a refreshed user interface, extended battery life, and wireless software updates.

The Mobi

The t:sport mini pump (aka Tandem Mobi) is a smaller version of the t:slim (50% the size), and this miniaturized, waterproof version will allow for more flexible and discreet wear options. Given that the pump (and therefore, the interface) is small, users can use their personal smartphone to control the pump. Moreover, the Mobi pump will be capable of inductive wireless charging, just like a smartphone. Like the current Tandem pumps on the market, automated insulin delivery with Control-IQ technology and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) will be the norm in this pump. There will be a new, shorter, 4-inch infusion set option on this pump as well. The cartridge will hold 200 units of insulin and will still have the quick bolus button even when the user is away from their smartphone.

The Mobi Tubeless

The Mobi Tubeless pump will be an extension of the Mobi pump. The pump itself will not change, but users will have the option to switch from a cartridge with a tube to a disposable, tubeless cartridge that can attach directly to the body. Thus, the Mobi pump will have the option to be quickly customized to a patch pump with every cartridge change, which may entice those with active lifestyles as well as the pediatric/adolescent populations.

The Patch Pump

Tandem is also designing a fully disposable patch pump, but details are very hush-hush for the time being.

First Things First

For now, current t:slim users can look forward to the mobile bolus rollout, likely this summer after a limited launch this spring. Within the next five years, the sequence of events will likely be the launch of Mobi, followed by the t:slim X3, and finally Mobi Tubeless.

It’s exciting to think about where we will be in a few short years, with even more options available for better diabetes care. In the meantime, we’ll take the freedom and flexibility of not having to interact with the pump at every meal. Go celebrate with some french fries!


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  1. Avatar

    I’m going to be a new user, and this is exciting.

  2. Avatar

    I got the chance to play with the Mobi in market research recently and it’s VERY user-friendly and an easy transtion. But I’m not sure how i feel about being tied to my phone in order to have full-functionality of my pump.

  3. Avatar

    Why doesn’t someone make a syringe that holds less than 30 units….I have problems with my hands and only draw <10 units premeal and would enjoy a syringe that holds, for example 10 units…..no one makes such…..why?

    • I do believe they have syringes that give as little as 10 units. Athletes use them when they need to for long workouts and want to carry a small amount of insulin with them. They may be called micro syringes.

  4. Avatar

    I think I have found micro syringes on Amazon and have ordered a box to see if they are what I am looking for. I truly appreciate your response. Please know that I have been looking for over a month to find such a product and I hope your suggestion and my find fits the bill. I’ll let you know as they should arrive tomorrow! Regards, diana

  5. Avatar

    I ordered the micro syringes from Amazon and they are now what Amazon advertised …. I wanted a small unit amount <20 and the ones they sent hold 100……so please tell me where I can order insulin syringes w/needles to receive small ones …..I only use <10 units and it is difficult to draw that much in a syringe that holds 30….thank you.

  6. Avatar

    Old Omnipod user and I loved the no tubing but the pods didn’t perform like the tslim. The x2 with Control IQ has completely uped my control. Excited for the new launches,

  7. Avatar

    I have to get a new pump this month I’ve been with Tandam for many years and love it! My pump is out of warranty at the end of the month so I’m getting a new one. I love change and love to try new stuff. What is the newest I can get especially for swimming and heat. And fitness. I’m afraid I’m going to get the old kind now and in a few months a new one will come out! Help ???

    • You should look into the Omnipod 5 because it’s the latest one out, there’s no tubing, and it’s ideal for the things you like to do.

  8. Avatar

    Thank you I will!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    I feel like we’ve been hearing about the Mobi for years! What’s taking so long to get it out to the public?

  10. Avatar

    I was not a fan of omnipod because the pods kept malfunctioning. I liked that they were wireless and waterproof but got tired of it malfunctioning every time I turned around. I have the Dexcom G6. I want it when it becomes compatible with the Tandem tslim. I think the mobi sounds great with the option for 4″ tubing. That with the Dexcom G7 would be great. I’d even volunteer to try it out.

  11. Avatar

    I am interested in the mobi that is to come out some time in the beginning of 2024. One reason that I don’t use my remote phone bolus on my present slim-x2 is because there is no way to do an extended bolus. Since the mobi will be controlled by phone like the t-slim-x2, will I be able to do extended boluses? If not, I will probably just stay with a t-slim-x2. And what about all of the controls on the pump itself, such as switching to “activity” or “sleep modes”, or switching to any of the different profiles I have on my t-slim-x2? Thank you, Anita

    • Hi Anita,
      Since the Mobi is a hybrid closed-loop system, there will not be extended bolus. You should be on the Control-IQ, which is a hybrid closed-loop system (as the Mobi will be). Hybrid closed-loop systems do not need an extended bolus because they have the modulating basal rate which takes the place of that.

  12. Avatar

    I would never own a Mobi as I don’t like that you have to use a cellphone to program control it and worse yet only Apple as I’m never going to own an Apple device

    • Avatar

      Android capability will be coming, but yes, for the initial launch it’s compatible with iOS only. Having pump options is a good thing though as people’s needs vary. More choices coming soon too!

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