A Dose of Dr. E: A Cute Bunny and Our Review of Tandem’s Control-IQ

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    This sounds awesome! Trying to get my health insurance to cover it now. PS love the Bunny

  2. Your information is so practical, professional, and pertinent, that I actually get
    excited when I see an email from you. Thank you for explaining, demonstrating, and informally presenting the latest and most important information to us struggling Type 1 Diabetics. You lower my blood pressure – all this from a fellow Diabetic of 54 years. Love you. Karen from Massachusetts!

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      Wow, thank you Karen! Appreciate that so much, and so glad to be able to help in some small way! 🙂

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    thanks! can you elaborate on the autobolus feature? my son does not like to enter carbs, he uses openAPS and it’s not ideal if you don’t enter carbs. can you really just bolus with a few clicks without even looking at the pump? He does that now with the old minimed pump and doesn’t want to give that up. if he could do that and not bother with carbs that would be great. thx!

    • Hi Sarah,
      Your son can dose just like with the Medtronic pump. The Tandem allows you to give 1 unit at a time without even pulling it out of your pocket. The autocorrection is not meant to take care of meals, but is more for keeping the blood sugars in a better range when they’re drifting upward. The correction boluses are very small and meant to get you back in your target zone quicker, but not meant to replace entering insulin for meals.

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    Great timely info as I just got the email from tandem with instructions to start requesting rx for control IQ. Still not sure if I am ready to give up control, but like the idea of correcting for highs when I cant hear or feel my pump giving me warnings. Thanks again guys for your personal breakdown approach. By the way, whose bunny? So cute!!!

  5. Haha, It was Awesome. I am gonna tell my wife ’bout this.

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    That rabbot is fat! Gr8 job guyz!

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    I upgraded my pump to the Control IQ about a month ago and I loved it from day ONE. My time in range has never been better.

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    Hi Dr E!
    Just a question for ya. I’m diagnosed type 2 with low insulin production so I use omnipod. I want the most applicable info from tcoyd conferences. Should I go to type 1 section? I really want to learn more about sugar surfing. It’s funny but my brain had been trying to use the trend line as a cue to take corrective action on its own. Then I heard about Dr Ponder and it came together. I just want info that’s pertinent to my situation. Thanks

    • If you’re on an insulin pump, many of the sessions in the type 1 track will be helpful to you, and sugar surfing is prefect for anyone with a CGM. See you at the conference!

  9. That bunny is really awesome.

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