Don’t Freak Out! 10 Things to Know If You’ve Been Diagnosed with Type 2

Hearing you have diabetes can be scary (we totally get it) but with all the resources available today, we know you can live a long and healthy life – and we’ll show you how!

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It’s Not Just About Your A1c

What is the best way to know what your average blood glucose has been over the past few months? It is not the A1c test! The A1c test has many faults and, of course, the time in range, glycemic variability, and other measurements for glycemic control are of greater value to those of us with type 1. Irl is an international expert on this topic and will help you demystify A1c.

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A Dose of Dr. E: What Should Your A1c Really Be?

The A1c is one of the most important tests you can take for your diabetes, but what do you do with the results? Watch this “Dose of Dr. E” to find out!

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