A Dose of Dr. E: You Have to Use Protection…for Your Heart!

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    I had an 822 coronary CT calcium scoring result. This yr marks 50 yrs with T1. Also have family history of CAD. Cardiologist recommended angiogram. was happy to have radial approach due to quicker recovery. it was a cake walk procedure. Result? Coronary small vessel disease so mostly distal 30-70% narrowing of sm vessels and 50% in proximal left
    anterior descending. My atorvastatin was increased from 40 to 80mg. Does above sound unlikely for T1 of 50 yrs? my thought is that results show affects of long standing T1 and just keep ABC’s in conttol and wear sensor to manage day to day BG’s, exercise, plant based diet and all i am currently doing. Anyone have anything to add? Thx!

    • I am not a cardiologist but it sounds like you’re doing everything you could possibly do to protect your heart. Congrats on 50 years of living with type 1.

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    What are the medications used to treat diabetes that I have the effect of improving heart health and reducing risk of CAD. Maybe this was just a cliffhanger for your next video in a month or two but thought I would ask anyway thanks for all you do for us T1d’s in the NATION. Jim in Vacaville

    • Hi Jim,
      The two classes of meds are GLP-RAs and SGLT-2 inhibitors, but they are both for people living with type 2. We added them to the description in the youtube video, but thank you for asking the question here so other people can see them in the comments as well!

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      Thanks for asking! I just watched this video and was wondering the same thing…

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