A Dose of Dr. E: Evidence-Based Hope

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    Dear Steve and Bill:
    Once again you have both provided such useful information about diabetes management which is VERY much appreciated by this type 2 player and his type 3 partner! You had presented some of the data regarding the relationship of longevity with well managed diabetes and the increased probabilities of a healthier and longer life vs. those without diabetes at one of your previous conferences. We will be attending the conference in Santa Clara that is upcoming and I was wondering if you might be presenting some the charts and data again showing the relationships? I was so fascinated by this information that I forgot to photograph your slide(s) which I would love to do this time and share them with some of my friends and family who are curious (if that is ok with you and your colleagues).
    Looking forward to hearing the talks and saying hello in Santa Clara!
    DeWitt and Shanti Garlock

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    Only 1 problem with evidence based hope – many kids are trying for control that is too tight not acknowledging that “stupid” (& hypos) can also kill a person…

    note: talked to Bill his first week at Harvard when he was hired to set up the first psycho-social department at Joslin Diabetes Center

    • Thanks for the comment. Dealing with hypoglycemia is a tough balance. Thanks for the historical note as well. Bill is ancient. He may remember.

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    So nice to hear from professionals what many of us already know (despite nay-sayers): If you do the right things in regards to your diabetes and health in general, you will have a long life to enjoy, well, LIFE!

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