A Dose of Dr. E: Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You If You’re Having Surgery

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    Great info as always. A must for anyone going into surgery. Thanks.

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    Glad you brought up the subject of surgery…very important issue and I still have a lot of questions. Hospitals do not seem to have specific protocols in place for Diabetics. Even bringing up the question of glucose verses saline IV induces puzzled faces. Lots of awareness/updating still needed!

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    Thank you for increasing our awareness and your insights into before and after surgery issues.
    Is there a best way to have these insights inserted into a personal medical file to be accessed in an unplanned/emergency surgery?
    TCOYD is such a wonderful resource!

    • Thanks for your comment, Nicole! I would suggest writing up your personal information, your concerns, what you would like to happen in terms of communication with the surgeon and anesthesiologist early and ask your HCP (or his or her staff) to put it into your medical records. Many systems use EMRs and it is easy.

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    Great topic, very informative. I am a T1, had surgery in 2017. That head of the surgery dept., told me to call my Endo and follow his protocols for surgery. He didn’t seem very concerned at all. I was appalled at how little the nurses on 2 different floors knew about diabetes. They can’t even take your sugars without leaving bruises on all of the fingertips. One of the floors was supposed to be the “Diabetic” floor!

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