A Dose of Dr. E: How to Stay Cool with Diabetes (Part 1)

  1. Great take on this topic, thank you Dr. Edelman and Dr. Pettus, you are awesome. I love sharing your videos with my patients. See you at ONE 2020.

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    instructions to restart G6? i was at tcoyd in ohau earlier this year (before i had a cgm) and i heard about the ability to restart the g6. just heard it again in this video. says to look in the description below? i don’t see any description below? please help

    • Hi Jason,
      You have to click on “Show More” in the youtube video description section, but here are the instructions:

      Reusing the Dexcom Sensor:

      1. When you put on the sensor, TAKE A PICTURE of the CODE
      2. Wear it like you normally do for 10 days
      3. When it expires, start a new session and select “NO CODE”
      4. Start the session and set a timer for 15 minutes
      5. After 15 minutes, stop the session
      6. Restart the session and this time ENTER THE CODE YOU SAVED
      7. You are now all good!

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    I just love you 2, Dr. Edelman and Dr, Pettus. Can’t wait to see you on October 12th in San Diego again.

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    OMGoodness, my ❤️ jumped on stumbling onto your website. Been living with Type 1 for since 1975 and almost never meet other Type 1s to chat with/commiserate/share info. Thank you for giving me and all other “ sweetie pies” out there a trusted place for info and encouragement.

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    What does it feel like to step up to the plate and hit a home run EVERY TIME?!

    Another great video. Your ability to inspire HCP’s has good ripple effects. You guys are not only bringing back the acceptability of fashion crimes (which takes the pressure off), but YOU’RE HELPING ALL OUR PATIENTS. They light up with hope.

    Your whole team gets my applause for the good you’ve already brought to patients I know. Thank you.

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    I purchase the little containers of glucose tablets (10 tablets) and use them everywhere. I write on the top where I keep them – car, bedroom, purse, Diabetes bag and an extra one. They really help me keep my glucose close!
    I loved the one day event in San Diego, my first. I love the top ten cool tips. I visited my doctor and have a prescription for the glucose nasal spray. Wow 700 type 1’s! Amazing.
    I live in the Palm Springs area and looking forward to having a one day conference there in 2020.

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    It’s Adele again, I meant to say that I reuse the small glucose containers. I but the larger containers to save money.

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    Great video! My T1D diagnosis was in 1963, and T1D frustrations have evolved over the years. IMO the CGM is the greatest treatment advancement, followed by the insulin pump.

    Dealing with insurance companies is perhaps the most frustrating part of living with T1D. My doctor writes 12-month prescriptions for pump and CGM supplies, and one insurer required a 3rd-party vendor to contact the endocrinologist for approval of every 90-day refill. What a waste of time. Patients do not outgrow diabetes. In 2020, my employer changed insurers and I’ve already spent more than 3 hours with the insurer and doctors making sure the prescriptions are written correctly. Any advice for navigating the deplorable American health insurance maze would be helpful. It’s a shame when a patient runs low on supplies due to insurance issues.

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