Introducing TCOYD Facebook Community Groups!

We’re excited to announce our new Facebook community groups for Type 1s, Type 2s, Type 3s (family and friends of those living with diabetes) and everything in between. Join TCOYD on Facebook and find your individualized group, based on diabetes-related topics, where you can share ideas and communicate with people who get it! We invite you to share stories, ask questions and get to further know your fellow diabetes community as you continue to take control of your diabetes, or support someone else who is! We’ll also be posting TCOYD updates including event announcements, helpful articles and anything and everything we think will help you live a happy, healthy life with diabetes. We look forward to connecting with you!

Join Our Individualized Facebook Groups for T1s, T2s & T3s!

Join the Type 1 Group

Join the Type 2 Group

Join the Type 3 Group


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