Dr. Edelman Receives the 2022 Leonard Award!

In 2021, Lilly celebrated the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin by launching a very special global award called the Leonard Award. The Leonard Award was inspired by the life of Leonard Thompson,  a 14-year-old boy who was the first person with diabetes to be treated with insulin in 1922. Today, Lilly’s Leonard Award recognizes diverse champions around the world who are dedicated to advancing diabetes management through innovative thinking and novel approaches to care.

Lilly selected four new champions to receive the Leonard Award this year, and we are proud to announce that our very own Dr. Edelman was chosen as one of the recipients! In honor of all of the 2022 award winners, Lilly will be donating a total of $100,000 to Life for a Child, a non-profit organization that provides access to care, education, lifesaving medicines and supplies to children and young people with type 1 diabetes in resource-limited countries.

The Four Recipients of the 2022 Leonard Award Are:

Endocrinologist/Primary Care Physician: Steve Edelman, MD, of San Diego, California, for work as an endocrinologist serving the diabetes community and as the founder of Taking Control of Your Diabetes, a non-profit organization providing diabetes education and resources.

Advocate/Advocacy Professional: Nupur Lalvani, CDE, of Pune, Maharashtra, India, for work as the founder of the Blue Circle Diabetes Foundation, India’s largest patient-led diabetes community and support group.

Diabetes Educator/Nurse: Yuan Li, of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, for work in establishing an educational diabetes management approach in medical facilities in China.

Researcher: Osagie Ebekozien, MD, MPH, CPHQ, of Boston, Massachusetts, for work leading the T1D Exchange Quality Improvement Collaborative to reduce diabetes disparities in health outcomes.

Congratulations to all of the award winners! Your contributions to diabetes management and care for the millions of people around the world living with the condition are far-reaching, life-changing, and nothing short of remarkable.


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    Congratulations Dr.Edelman, an honor you deserve. I am a Type I diabetic and have enjoyed and learned so much from listening to you.

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    As a family of diabetes (back to the 1920) We need more information and more help in living with this disease. Dr. Edelman, gives us hope, and a future. Thank you for helping us, and to the Leonard Award for this honor.

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    Congrats to you from Ireland.It is just wonderful to hear such good news.Thank you for all the hope/brill tips during our ‘lockdowns’ when our diabetic clinics/teams were in lock down too-you & the team were literally life savers for me.
    Thank you so very much.

  4. Millions More Awards could be presented to you, Dr. Edelman, for the hope and encouragement you and TCOYD provide. Head-counts and statistics may show how wide a span you touch, but the individual “touches” that change and improve people’s lives are countless! Press on.

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    Congratulations Dr. Edelman…a well deserved award. I had the pleasure of attending many of the TCYOD conferences throughout Northern California and actually met you in Santa Rosa…and you signed the book I bought. I actually love this zoom environment to learn…Thank you so much for all you do.

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