Who’s the Best Diabetes Doctor? Drs. E+P Go Head to Head!

  1. What a fun activity!

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    You guys make my learning fun, informative and life assisting…….I am a diabetic for over 43 years. On Tandem X2 and Dexcom 6.
    I try to spread the word on how helpful TCOYD is to diabetics, their families and my health team.

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    Losers? diagnosed 1970, no complications. TIR 87 percent, 2 per cent low. An easier life, less expensive life.

    • It was tongue in cheek – way to go Linda!!

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        Thanks….I think some of it is just luck. I am convinced there are many different forms of this disease and that’s why many people have a more difficult journey. There are seven in my family with type 1 and other autoimmune diseases .I once heard a doctor tell a nurse after diagnosis that I’d be lucky to make it to my 20th birthday….Cheers!

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