Diabetes Breakfasts: Thinking Outside the (Cereal) Box!

Cereal, pancakes, bagels, OJ, fancy frothy coffee drinks…many typical breakfast foods are loaded with carbs and sugar. So how do we avoid a major blood sugar spike? Drs. E+P offer creative ideas and flip the script on what can actually count as breakfast.


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    What is it that Dr. Edelman adds to 2% Greek yogurt to flavor it?

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    Great video! Will share with my patients, especially newly diagnosed PWD1. I appreciate your “real life” examples and explanations.

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    I kind of wish you’d address more Whole Food strategies – plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, chia seed pudding, etc. Also, I don’t know about others, but coffee in and of itself tends to spike my blood sugar. Maybe it’s the ‘Dawn effect’ but I have to bolus for my morning Joe!

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      Thank you for your comment and yes, bolusing for coffee is common for a lot of people!

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    I don’t have time to waste with videos, put a transcript online and I can read it in 1/4 the time.

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    This was a great breakfast talk. Thank you both for being entertaining and educational.

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    Totally enjoy both Drs and their help.
    Food has always been a problem for me. Have you thought of making and selling a cookbook with all these wonderful recipes? If so, I would certainly buy one (and use it). This would be a great help.

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      Thanks Sandy! It has been an idea for awhile, and we hope to be able to do one someday. Thanks for your kind words!

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    What about the fact that eating breakfast helps your liver not release sugar?

  8. I have the same reaction to a bowl of cold cereal. But why is it that this makes your blood sugar skyrocket?

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